Board of directors

(Shareholding as per 30 June 2018). For current information on transactions, please visit Sweden's financial supervisory authority's website

Patrik Tigerschiöld

Chairman of the Board since 2012. 
Board member 2009.
Born 1964.
Dependent Board member.

Education: MSc Business and Economics.

Other Board assignments: Chairman of Bure Equity AB, The Association for Generally Accepted Principles in the Securities Market and The Swedish Association for Listed Companies. Board member of Cavotec SA, Fondbolaget Fondita AB and member of Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien (IVA).

Previous positions: CEO of Bure Equity AB 2010-2013, CEO of Skanditek Industriförvaltning 1999-2010, CEO of SEB Allemansfonder AB 1995-1999.

Committee in Mycronic: Chairman of the Remuneration committee.

Shareholding in Mycronic : 235,170.

Anna Belfrage

Board member since 2018.
Born 1962.
Independent Board member.
CFO Södra Skogsägarna Ek. För.

Education: BSc Business Administration.

Other Board assignments: -

Previous positions: Acting CEO Beijer Electronics Group 2014-2015, CFO Beijer Electronics Group 2011-2014, CFO ABS Group (division within the  Cardo Group) 2004-2010, various positions Dresser Wayne AB, Obducat AB, Åkerlund & Rausing AB and auditor at Price Waterhouse 1986-1994.

Committee in Mycronic: Chairman of the Audit committee.

Shareholding in Mycronic: 0

Katarina Bonde

Board member since 2010.
Born 1958.
Independent Board member.
President of Kubi LLC.

Education: MSc, Engineering Physics.

Other Board assignments:
Chairman of Imint Intelligence AB, Opus Group AB and Propellerhead Software AB. Board member of Aptilo Networks AB, Microsystemation AB, Jarl Securities and Nordax Bank.

Previous positions:
CEO of UniSite Software Inc 2000-2003, CEO of Captura International 1997-2000, Marketing director Dun&Bradstreet Software Inc 1996-1997, Vice President at Timeline Inc 1994-1995, CEO of Programator Industri AB 1989-1992.

Committee in
Mycronic: Member of the Audit committee.

Shareholding in
Mycronic : 2,000.

Ulla-Britt Fräjdin-Hellqvist

Board member since 2012.
Born 1954.
Independent Board member.
Fräjdin & Hellqvist AB.

Education: MSc, Engineering Physics. 

Other Board assignments: Chairman of Karlstad Innovation Park. Board member of Anna+Cie, DataRespons ASA, Holmbergs First Holding AB, HRM Affärsutveckling AB, Fräjdin & Hellqvist AB, UBFH Management AB.

Previous positions: Chariman of among others SinterCast AB (OMX) and Kongsberg Automotive ASA (Oslo börs), chairman and board member of a number of private, listed and state-owned companies since 1992. Leading positions in Svenskt Näringsliv 2001-2006, leading positions in Volvo Personvagnar 1979-2001.

Committee in Mycronic : Member of the Audit committee and the Remuneration committee.

Shareholding in Mycronic : 10,000.

Per Holmberg

Board member since 2016.
Born 1959.
Independent Board member.

Education: MBA, Handelshögskolan, Stockholm.

Other Board assignments: Executive chairman Adrian Michel  Group, Switzerland.

Previous positions: President Hexagon MI EMEA 2014-2017. Leading positions in Electrolux 1984-2003.

Committee in Mycronic: Member of the Remuneration committee.

Shareholding in Mycronic: 0

Robert Larsson

Board member since 2018.
Born 1967.
Independent Board member.
EVP and Head of Industry Divison at ÅF.

Education: MSc, Mechanical Engineering.

Other Board assignments: -

Previous positions: A number of leading positions within ABB in Sweden, China and Switzerland.

Committee in Mycronic: -

Shareholding in Mycronic: 0

Tobias Böök

Representing Akademikerna.
Board member since 2014.
Born 1966.

Shareholding in Mycronic : 0.

Peter Sundström

Representing Unionen.
Board member since 2012.
Born 1976.
Specialist software development.
MSc. Engineering physics.

Shareholding in Mycronic : 0

Corporate governance

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