Jet dispenser


Jet dispenser


Jet dispenser

Unrivalled speed,

precision and versatility

Robust and reliable, the jet dispenser MY600JD is the fastest and most precise jet-dispensing platform on the market. Its unique ability to jet fluids on-the-fly at high speed makes it perfect for today’s electronics industry. With MY600JD on your shop floor, you’ll see a dramatic increase in productivity for a wide range of applications with unrivalled accuracy as a benefit.

Key benefits

  • High
    Speed dispensing
  • High
  • Easy


The fastest platform on the market

MY600JD achieves micrometer precision while delivering throughputs 2 to 10 times higher than those of traditional dispensers, depending on the application. A key factor in the performance of the MY600JD is its robust platform, which includes a 2,000 kilograms of granite ballast for stability, direct drive motors and a carbon fiber beam. As a result, MY600JD is capable of moving at 1.5 m/s, with micrometer accuracy and with acceleration up to 3g. This is roughly twice the average straight-line acceleration achieved in Formula 1 racing.


The highest throughput in a wide range of applications

MY600JD enables the electronics industry to substantially improve productivity when dispensing a wide range of fluids. It is well suited for a variety of industry applications including chip encapsualtion, cavity fill, SMA, gasketing, sealing, edge bonding, conductive adhesives and more.

The applicator is a highly reliable and fast dispensing valve with low cost of ownership. The design has few wetted parts with no sliding seals or shaft which makes service easy and economical.


Technical data


  MY600 MY600JD
Type Jet Printer Jet Dispenser
Applicator Piezo Pneumatic
Technology Non-contact Non-contact
Acceleration 3g 3g
Speed 1.5 m/s 1.5 m/s
Frequency 1,080,000 dph 720,000 dph
Footprint 1388 x 1218 mm 1388 x 1218 mm
Max board size 762 x 508 mm 762 x 508 mm
Weight 2000 kg 2000 kg
Syringe size 30 cc 5, 10, 30 cc
Cleaning station N/A Air

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