Our operations are

conducted in four divisions

Headquartered in Sweden, we are a global organization with subsidiaries, agents and distributors in more than 50 countries. This ensures that we have a deep market understanding and can provide rapid support for all our customers who rely on efficient production.

Group Management

Mycronic has grown substantially during the last years, both organically and through acquisitions. In order to stay close to our customers, and to be able to adapt our local business to market needs, we have a scalable group structure with four decentralized divisions. Operating in four divisions permits us to have a customer-centric organization with shorter decision making paths. It also allows a decentralized responsibility for research and development.

Executive management team
Board of directors

Our divisions

Our four divisions are: Assembly Solutions High Flex, Assembly Solutions High Volume, Global Technologies and Pattern Generators.

Assembly Solutions High Flex

Mycronic’s Assembly Solutions High Flex division offers surface mount technology (SMT) equipment and solutions to electronics manufacturers with a requirement for quick changeovers in production while retaining high rates of utilization. We provide systems for circuit board assembly, both full-line solutions and individual systems for specific process steps, as well as advanced software for assembly process management and factory connectivity.

This enables our customers to achieve versatile and flexible manufacturing for just-in-time electronics production. Mycronic has a leading position in this segment in both Europe, the Americas and selected markets in Asia, among customers operating at low to medium production volumes. Customers include manufacturers of complex electronics with high levels of added value for industrial applications, aerospace, defense, automotive, energy, medical, IT and telecommunications.

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Assembly Solutions High Volume

With emphasis on high-volume markets in Asia, Mycronic’s Assembly Solutions High Volume division is a leader in intelligent systems for dispensing and conformal coating. We offer systems to premium high-quality producers of mobile telephones, computers and other consumer electronics. The offering encompasses production systems with dispensing and coating robots and a broad range of applications to dispense adhesives, mounting fluids and coatings used in the production of modern electronics.

Assembly Solutions High Volume’s products are sold under the brand Axxon.

Global Technologies

Mycronic Global Technologies develops advanced manufacturing solutions with high levels of differentiation for customers with a specific niche technology supported by favorable long-term trends. Global Technologies has leading market positions in the microelectronics and optoelectronics segments and bare board test systems.

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Pattern Generators

Pattern Generators division has a unique position as the world’s foremost supplier of mask writers for manufacturing advanced photomasks for displays. We also deliver mask writers for manufacturing photomasks for semiconductors as well as manufacturing photomasks for the multi-purpose segment. Measuring machines that provide quality assurance for photomasks are also featured in the product portfolio.

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