Bringing tomorrow’s

electronics to life

Electronics touch every corner of our lives. At Mycronic, we are driven by the idea that through our technological expertise, innovative spirit and passionate teamwork, we are helping to make the world smarter, brighter and more sustainable for people everywhere. Every day.

We believe that the power of electronics is limited only by our imagination. Which is why, together with our customers, we’re committed to extending the frontiers of electronics technology. Because with each new breakthrough, the impossible becomes possible. Our mission is clear: to bring tomorrow’s electronics to life.

Here's how we do it.


Enabling the display revolution

From 4k to 8k – and beyond. Today, increasingly advanced displays are giving us new levels of picture clarity and more immersive experiences that enrich our everyday lives. And it’s all possible thanks to the flawless, nanometer precision of our laser mask writers. They’re indispensable to manufacturers of everything from flatscreen TVs, smartphones and tablets to interactive touchscreens and flexible displays.

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Advancing scientific knowledge

What do the most advanced satellites and sophisticated Mars Exploration Rovers have in common? Besides helping us fill gaps in our scientific knowledge, they all contain our technology. As a global leader in high-mix electronics manufacturing solutions, we enable the flawless placement of thousands of components that help expand our world. We also offer advanced bare board test applications for a wide range of markets and product technologies - from consumer products such as tablets and mobile phones to cutting-edge medical devices.

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Making our lives more intelligent

As technology advances the demand for smaller, smarter, safer and more reliable consumer electronics grows. Our flexible, ultra-precise systems for dispensing and conformal coating enable high-volume production of a wide range of products that make our lives more intelligent – from sophisticated tablets and smartphones to electric vehicles.

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Redefining transportation

To reach new heights of safety, convenience, and comfort, today's cars depend on a growing range of displays, cameras and sensors of uncompromising quality. Our laser mask writers help create these displays that allow us to interact with our cars in entirely new ways. And our jet printing technology ensures the absolute precision of every solder joint to make automotive cameras and sensors more reliable than ever. Plus, our camera assembly and test systems ensure that every camera meets the highest industry safety standards.

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Creating global communications

5G is the next generation wireless communication standard, engineered to dramatically improve levels of connectivity, deliver higher speeds and fuel a groundbreaking digital transition. It affects not only people but whole industries, such as manufacturing, transportation, public services and healthcare. Our flexible, ultra-precise die-bonding systems support the roll out of 5G by helping to produce the tiny components essential to build out the data centers and base station infrastructure required.

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