When passion meets innovation



…tomorrow’s vision is  put on display

Flatscreen TVs, smartphones or tablets. Interactive touchscreens or flexible displays. Wherever there's an advanced display, our laser mask writers played an indispensable role in creating it. It's our flawless, nanometer precision that allows most of the world's leading producers to constantly push the limits of display technology – from 4k to 8k and beyond.

..new worlds emerge

As a global leader in high-mix electronics manufacturing, our solutions enable create technologies that are  ahead of their time in terms of quality and precision. We enable the flawless placement of thousands of components that are expanding our world, as example the Mars Rover as well as the most advanced satellites and medical devices.

...people's lives are made safer and more enjoyable

Today's automotive manufacturers depend on a growing range of displays and uncompromising quality. Our laser mask writers help create the displays that are allowing people to interact with their cars in entirely new ways. Our jet printing technology ensures the absolute precision of every solder joint to make automotive electronics more reliable than ever before.


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