10 reasons to join Mycronic

– join the enablers of electronics
Think of the most high-tech electronics products you can imagine. Then think one step further. What technology creates the most advanced high-tech of today? Ours do. With unique and world-leading production solutions, we spearhead the electronics industry. And since we are passionate about technology, we invest heavily in our R&D. As we drive innovation in close connection with the major companies in the electronics industry, we continue to make the impossible possible. Again and again.

2. JOURNEY OF GROWTH – help us set the stage for our future business
We offer you the chance to join a company at exciting times. To stay ahead, we are always on the move. We are on a journey of growth where we continue to break new grounds, explore new markets and expand worldwide. One of our main areas of growth is Asia. With an ever-increasing demand for our production solutions and the majority of our customers located in Asia, we are strengthening our presence in this market.

3. HIGH LEVELS OF EXPERTISE – excel together
You will find yourself side by side with some of the leading experts in the electronics industry, getting inspired and inspiring others, as you acquire new knowledge and share it with others across functions and cultures.

4. A CULTURE OF TEAMWORK AND HIGH AMBITIONS – strive for greatness with us
You will be part of an open work culture where we support and believe in each other. We believe that anything is possible, and together we walk the talk. Because whatever we set out to do, we always focus on customer satisfaction, technology and the desire to excel together.

5. THE GREATER PURPOSE – influence people’s everyday lives
You can find our technology everywhere. In critical medical devices such as pacemakers and MRI scans. In car electronics such as dashboard displays and components controlling the safety of driving. Even in space, as NASA’s space robot explores the lands of Mars. What we do impact the very future of electronics and influences people’s everyday lives. Join us on our quest to create a better, greener and more high-tech future. Together.

6. OUR VALUES – let them empower you
Do you have the drive to deliver results, the courage to try new paths and the desire to grow together with your colleagues? Then perhaps you share our three core values: Passion for Business, Passion for Technology and Passion for People. They guide, drive and unite us – all over the globe.

7. DIVERSITY AT HEART – be yourself
We have a diverse culture and workforce. To us, diversity is not only a key competitive advantage, it is the very foundation for a great place to work and innovation to happen. We are one of the first companies in Sweden to achieve the EDGE certification (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) and in 2015, we were also awarded the All Bright Prize in recognition of our focused efforts in diversity. Simply put, diversity is at heart of everything we do, and everything we strive to do.

8. WHERE IDEAS COME TO LIFE – influence our business
What has taken us this far, and what continues to drive our progress, are all the great minds and hearts behind our success. Our people and their ideas. With our team and business in mind, you will be able to realize ideas and see end results.

9. GLOBAL COMPANY – interact with people from all over the globe
Working at Mycronic is working with the whole world. With customers in more than 50 countries and subsidiaries all over the globe, we live and breath the very definition of a global company. If you enjoy working in an international work environment, this is a great place for you.

10. CHALLENGING WORK TASKS – get freedom with responsibility
Regardless of which office you will work in, you can be sure to find yourself in a multicultural and dynamic company in a fast-changing industry. As a result, freedom with responsibility will not only be a stimulating part of your work, but a precondition for us to stay successful and create great results.