The key principles

guiding our work

Taking a proactive, customer-centric approach

We always go to great lengths to ensure each customer gets the most out of our solutions and our partnership. Whether it’s keeping up with technological advancements or staying ahead of market demands, every one of us takes deep pride in keeping customers competitive – not just today but long into the future.

“To be truly customer-centric we must always work hard to fully understand our customers’ businesses and their constraints. This is so that we can help everyone put words to what they truly want to achieve and the issues they need to resolve. It is this kind of clarity that allows us to move quickly and get things right early on.”

Romain Roux, Research & Development Director

Ensuring purposeful innovation

Game-changing ideas emerge only when you dare to test the limits of what’s possible. This is why we foster a culture of innovation that spans across our entire organization. We encourage our people to continuously experiment, earn and adapt solutions – all to keep our customers profitable and technologically relevant over time. In short, together we work hard to design solutions around the people who will use them. Today and tomorrow.

“I got into the field as an electronic technician and my work evolved into building the machines. I love to see the new technology that we bring to the table. For example, it is really inspiring to see the new way we communicate with fiber-optics and the ethernet is extremely satisfying.”

Michael Lemmon, Electrical Engineering Associate

A long-term sustainability mindset 

We envision a future where advanced electronics make clean, responsible and profitable progress a reality. We believe that to get there every person connected to Mycronic must feel good about the work they do and how we do it together. By investing in sustainable innovations, we can contribute and support our customers in combating climate change and other environmental impacts. By nurturing a strong internal culture of diversity, equality and inclusiveness, we can truly build a long-term sustainability mindset throughout the entire value chain. 

“One of the things that I appreciate the most about Mycronic is how truly international it is. There are many people with many of different backgrounds. As a result, we get to experience lots of different perspectives and ideas. I am always learning and finding inspiration from the people around me. It’s a community that I care about.”

Inés Jamaleddine, System Engineer

Living a dynamic, people-centric culture 

We love what we do and we take every opportunity to share that enthusiasm with customers and colleagues. We do this by creating opportunities for our people to grow and securing an environment that nurtures an open and dynamic culture where constant innovation and sharing are the norm.  Because to us, every colleague has a unique insight to share and every customer a unique idea of what’s valuable.

“The spirit of our culture is still very entrepreneurial. We rely on each other and are very engaged with our customers, which helps to make our decision-making process quite short. We have to work like this in order to stay competitive and most importantly to keep our customers competitive.”

Serena Li, Marketing Manager & Overseas Sales, Technical Support Director