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Are you interested in a career at Mycronic? Check out our listed vacancies.

Thesis work

We are always looking for interesting opportunities to collaborate with higher education students. Submit your own proposal for a topic to us, or apply for one of Mycronic's Master or Bachelor thesis collaborations listed under vacancies.

Summer jobs

We offer you the chance to sharpen your skills, while gaining insights into what it is like to be part of one of the main drivers in the electronics industry. Each year we have a number of summer jobs available within different areas of Mycronic Sweden. Check out this summer's opportunities at vacancies.


We are a proud partner of the internship programs "Job Leap" and "Technology Leap" or in Swedish called "Jobbsprånget" and "Tekniksprånget".

Tekniksprånget is run by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) in cooperation with the Swedish Government. Through Technology Leap, Swedish employers and the Government are investing in preserving Sweden's engineering tradition and improving our long-term competitiveness. Every year, we welcome a number of talented young people to us at Mycronic - offering a chance to discover the world as an engineer within our global business.

Jobbsprånget is also run by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). The project was founded and initiated by the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers (Sveriges Ingenjörer) and the Employers Association Pacta, in cooperation with Tekniksprånget, during the fall of 2015.

The internship program aims to help newly arrived engineers to quickly find a workplace that is relevant to the individual's education and experience.