Closing the loop in solder joint quality

Eliminating stencil-related defects with Mycronic’s latest closed-loop solution

Text: Grant Baldridge

Photo: Magnus Elgqvist

Integrated inspection solutions continue to pay off for customers, even at the highest production volumes. With Mycronic’s latest innovation, it’s now possible to automatically eliminate stencil printing compromises at any production volume with simpler stencils, perfect jet-printed solder joints and the highest possible yields.

For manufacturers running high-volume production lines, stencil-related defects are a constant challenge. In fact, this is where 61% of all SMT defects originate, according to a Vi TECHNOLOGY survey. As a consequence, more and more producers depend on a combination of stepped stencils, timeconsuming solder repairs and advanced solder paste inspection systems.

Automation meets precision Mycronic’s Jet Printing and 3D SPI add-on solution

The MY700 3D SPI add-on and repair solution resolves these issues with a single, softwaredriven modular solution. It combines a PI series 3D SPI system in-line with a MY700 Jet Printer to automate solder paste inspection, addon and repair at the highest throughput speeds. Added in-line after a stencil printer, the solution makes it possible to simplify stencil designs, eliminate stepped stencils and increase overall yield at high speeds by leaving the most difficult deposits to the fully software-controlled jet printing and inspection system. It can be used to repair missing solder paste from the stencil printing process, add solder paste in difficult areas on the board or automatically add solder paste with high precision to existing print patterns to achieve the perfect volume for specific pads.

The power of intelligent SPI

In 2017, Mycronic acquired France-based Vi TECHNOLOGY, whose solutions were already used by leading global manufacturers of aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics. Part of an effort to offer customers the world’s most sophisticated closedloop inspection systems, Vi TECHNOLOGY’s inspection solutions complemented the Mycronic portfolio with a uniquely integrated, accurate and scalable architecture.

Now, the company’s K series 3D AOI, PI series 3D SPI and SIGMA Link process improvement software suite are being integrated with Mycronic’s SMT solutions to bring more automated capabilities and higher quality process controls than ever before.

The PI Series 3D SPI is not only the world’s first auto-programmed SPI unit. It is also capable of capturing extremely precise paste volume measurements on the smallest pads, combining a patented Z-referencing technology and an ultra-large 50 x 350 mm 3D field of view. Together with the un-precedented speed and solder paste volume control of the MY700, it offers unmatched control of first pass yield.

Text: Grant Baldridge

Photo: Magnus Elgqvist

Published: 4 November 2019

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