The new MY300 Trilogy line

Boosts throughput with fewer shifts

Text: Grant Baldridge

Photo: Magnus Elgqvist

Has your production expanded to higher volumes? Do you still need the flexibility and quick changeovers to handle half a dozen different products a day? And are your line operators paying the price for these conflicting demands?

With the MY300HX and MY300EX, the newest MYPro series pick-and-place machines make it possible to build lines that maintain the highest utilization levels at speeds up to 100,000 components per hour.

FIRST LAUNCHED IN 2017, the MY300 pick-and-place machines were introduced to ensure a fully automated material flow for all next-generation boards and components. Thanks to a comprehensive redesign, they also reduce the machine footprint of the previous MY200 by 50 percent.

Double the top speeds

Now, the new MY300HX and MY300EX are continuing this design evolution with an even further reduced footprint that introduces entirely new configuration possibilities. The fastest of these, known as the Trilogy line, guarantees the same flexibility as Mycronic’s high-capacity DX Synergy line, but with up to twice the throughput.

A MYPlan 5.0 software upgrade applies new optimization algorithms to balance the line’s two MY300HX high-speed placers with one MY300EX fine-pitch and odd-shape placer. But the secret is not only in the software.

A well-balanced pick-and-place trio

By distributing four Hydra heads and two high-precision Midas heads over three frames, the Trilogy line benefits from higher mount head utilization and a more balanced and cost-effective platform. Because the Midas head occupies the optimal position on the MY300EX’s X-wagon, the machine is up to two times faster than a MY300DX when it comes to high-precision mounting. The MY300HX machines, meanwhile, have a shorter Z-stroke, leading to shorter cycle times and an added boost to top throughput speeds.

The fastest way to stay flexible

The new MY300 pick-and-place Trilogy mid-volume line has been received as welcome news among electronic manufacturers who demand the future-proof automation and technical capabilities of an integrated Mycronic system by eliminating the need for a separate, dedicated high-speed line. When the first beta customers shifted over to full-time production using the platform, they experienced solid evidence of success.

Among these early adopters is Allelektronik, a Sweden-based manufacturer of electronics for air conditioning, climate controls and other facility automation systems. A longtime Mycronic customer, Allelektronik had been experiencing rising demand for higher production volumes, but lacked both the extra manpower and floorspace to expand throughput.

Shifting the balance from three to one

As a result, staffing issues had become unsustainable. Running a single DX Synergy line on two shifts, line operators would work two six-hour shifts a day and still struggled to meet demand for new orders. Eventually, Owner and Production Manager Mats Landström was faced with a crucial decision: add a third shift or invest in an additional high-volume line.

“Fortunately, the Trilogy line came just in time for us,” explains Landström. “We’ve gone from average production speeds of about 25,000 to 40,000 components per hour. Of course, the actual speed varies a lot from board to board and the type of components, but still it’s been a solid boost to our volumes. The production is more stable, the machines are more robust, and we’ve gone from considering adding a third shift to deciding if we can reduce it to just one. So things are definitely going in the right direction for us.”

Building the future of high-speed flexibility

Better yet, the new Trilogy line promises a strong return on investment for mid-volume producers with a demanding mix of products, boards and components. It includes three machines in a single, compact line at a price comparable to non-flexible lines with the same speed rating, and is available in multiple customized configurations.

“The MY300HX and MY300EX are key to our MYPro Line design strategy, which distribute the most advanced capabilities across the most flexible modular technology platforms,” explains Clemens Jargon, VP SMT at Mycronic. “As part of an integrated end-to-end SMT solution, it’s really the only platform that gives you total automated control from mid-volume down to smaller batches.”

Mycronic Trilogy line pick and place

Text: Grant Baldridge

Photo: Magnus Elgqvist

Published: 4 November 2019

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