Integrating sustainability into all parts of our operations and business

Focusing on the areas where we can make the greatest difference

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At Mycronic, we're dedicated to integrating sustainability into all parts of our operations and business. Our sustainability initiatives focus on the areas where Mycronic can make the greatest difference. This way, we can contribute to the transition to a more sustainable electronics sector and future-proof our business. Efforts began during 2020 to establish a clearer sustainability strategy, with long-term Group-wide sustainability goals.

During the autumn, Mycronic began work to develop a clearer long-term sustainability strategy. This is part of our goal of fully integrating and implementing sustainability into our operations by 2024, which is a comprehensive task in a global organization that has experienced extensive growth in recent years. The new strategy will focus on our highest priority sustainability topics, and concerns raising our ambitions around the environmental impact of our products, the climate footprint of our own operations, and increasing diversity and equality among our employees and in the communities where we operate.

Mycronic’s sustainability commitment

As a global supplier of production equipment to the electronics industry, Mycronic’s ambition is to act responsibly throughout the value chain. In February 2020, we joined the UN Global Compact initiative with the objective of clarifying our commitment to acting in accordance with the ten principles on human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. Our sustainability initiatives also have a clear link to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and contribute to the goals where the company has the greatest possibility of influencing development in a positive direction. We contribute both through our own accountability and by offering sustainable production solutions to customers.

Sustainable development throughout the value chain

We want to drive change toward sustainable development throughout the value chain, in partnership with our customers. The company has the greatest possibility to exert an influence in product development, manufacturing and sales. We see various opportunities to achieve impact in the different parts of the value chain. Our responsibility extends beyond our own operations and includes indirect impact that we bring about through business relationships with, for example, suppliers, distributors and customers.

Product development

Through innovation, we meet the market’s needs for increasingly efficient – and at the same time more sustainable – manufacturing processes. We recruit and retain talent, and promote our innovative capacity, by being an attractive employer that puts innovation, diversity and equality high on the agenda.

Sourcing of raw materials and components

Through stable relations, clear requirements and controls, we can contribute to improvements to working conditions, reinforce human rights and reduce environmental impact in the supply chain.


Through sustainable manufacturing, we reduce our environmental impact. Our efficiency increases with healthy and happy employees. By promoting diversity and equality, at our workplace and in the community, we increase opportunities to find the right skills and promote local community development.


By optimizing our logistics chain, we reduce our environmental impact and meet customer demand for rapid, secure and sustainable deliveries.


Through clear values and efficient procedures to ensure regulatory compliance, we create stable business relations and increase transparency and control in the sales process.

Product use

By creating solutions that facilitate reduced environmental impact from customers' manufacturing processes, we promote a more sustainable electronics sector and future-proof our business.

End-of-life treatment

By using smaller amounts of more sustainable materials and by facilitating dismantling, we simplify recycling for the customer. Through increased focus on maintenance and upgrades to extend the useful life of our equipment, we contribute to a more circular approach in the electronics industry.

Text: Mycronic

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Published: 31 May 2021

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