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Change is coming. Is your factory prepared?

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At IPC APEX EXPO 2022, you have the chance to bring us your bottlenecks, quality issues and integration challenges. Join Mycronic at APEX January 25-27, meet us in our booth 1033 and as a part of the Factory of the future Pavilion, and put our process experts to the test.

More process data. Faster innovation cycles. Smarter factory systems. As the pace of change accelerates, we’re convinced that tomorrow’s PCB assembly environment should be a simpler place. A place where no build schedule is too complex. No defect goes unprevented. And no production is left standing still. From naked board to coated product – and everything in between.

Together, we can build the future of electronics assembly.

Let’s meet!

Request a personal meeting to discuss your bottlenecks, quality issues and integration challenges with one of our process experts on-site.

Agile solutions for a changing industry As electronics assembly continues to grow more complex trending towards smaller batch sizes and less predictable production environments, Mycronic will exhibit an array of new opportunities to enhance manufacturing agility. Regardless of their production volume, APEX visitors will have the opportunity to discuss their most pressing production bottlenecks with Mycronic’s experts, whether the challenge is optimized planning, anticipating and adapting to process variations, or enabling product customization down to batch-size-one.

High-reliability manufacturers looking to secure their output quality for mission-critical applications in industries such as aerospace, medical or automotive, will be presented a full range of process control, traceability and dispensing solutions.

It’s part of a continuous strategy

Enhanced connectivity and process control

For EMSs eager to convert production data into higher productivity, a number of new data visualization and programming tools will also be demonstrated in the Mycronic booth. This will be illustrated by MYCenter Analysis, a powerful process control software to monitor and enhance overall equipment effectiveness based on real time production data.

"Our process solutions already cover all of the factory workflows surrounding PCB assembly," says Clemens Jargon, Sr VP, Assembly Solutions High Flex, "including every process from naked board to coated product. Now we’re bringing all this production and inventory data to the surface, making it more visible and more actionable. It’s part of a continuous strategy to minimize the effort that goes into data preparation and programming, while enhancing user control."

Closing loops in line automation

Visitors will have the opportunity to see a complete MYPro Line, Mycronic’s integrated SMT line solution, producing live on the Mycronic booth. They will experience new automation features, closed-loop processes and process control capabilities.

The MYPro Link software, which correlates data between solder paste inspection and automated optical inspection, now features even more interconnected process controls to further improve inspection efficiency and line performance.

Another example of smart process integration will be given by the award-winning Jet printer and SPI system which precision combined with the repair loop feature result in a near zero-defect solder paste printing process.

High-mix inspection is about to get simpler

The new MYPro I series 3D AOI is a powerful in-line inspection system capable of continually improving product quality and first pass yield for all types of PCBs.

Thanks to a newly designed user interface with intuitive programming guidance and self-optimizing process control algorithms, the I series ensures easy implementation of high-performance 3D AOI for any type of production mix or class, by operators of any experience level. Reducing programming time with up to 30 percent.

Double up on smarter storage

The market’s most efficient near-production robotic storage system got more versatile. MYTower series X will be presented at APEX and will show how an innovative inventory system can double the capacity.

MYTower series X gives manufacturers the most space-efficient intelligent storage system available. EMS producers can consolidate and automate inventory within smaller space or reduce the amount of storage systems, freeing up floorspace for optimal workflows.

Beyond PCB assembly with dispensing

Producers of electronics looking for high-speed dispensing, will experience the new APJ1000S jet valve used in a MY700 Jet Dispenser, resulting in the fastest all-material jetting system on the market.

Wherever large-area, random-dot dispensing patterns are crucial to manufacturing quality and efficiency, the new jetting system brings the speed and accuracy of the MY700 into a far wider range of dispensing fluid applications.

Factory of the Future Pavilion

Mycronic is proud to have been selected by IPC to exhibit in the Factory of the Future Pavilion (booth #1710), where visitors will learn how new technologies help solving electronics manufacturing challenges, and prepare for the digital transformation to meet tomorrow's challenges.

To experience live demos and to learn more about Mycronic’s MYPro Line, software and connectivity solutions, dispensing and coating platforms, and other assembly solutions, visit booth 1033 at IPC APEX EXPO in Silicon valley, January 25-27, 2022.

Let’s meet!

Request a personal meeting to discuss your bottlenecks, quality issues and integration challenges with one of our process experts on-site.

About IPC APEX EXPO 2022

IPC APEX EXPO is the largest event for electronics manufacturing in North America, attracting more than 9000 professionals from 45 countries.

Please note that proof of COVID vaccination or negative test is required to attend IPC APEX EXPO 2022 as IPC is adhering to California Department of Public Health Guidelines. Read more here

Text: Mycronic

Photo: Mycronic

Published: 26 January 2022

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