GLOBAL Technology Award

Two of Mycronic’s solutions received a GLOBAL Technology Award 2019

Text: Mycronic

Photo: Simon Sandgren

Last night Global SMT & Packaging held their annual Global Technology Award at Productronica, and recognized Mycronic with two awards for being one of the industry’s leading innovators. One for our Jet Printer and SPI inspection machine’s add-on and repair solution and one for Vi TECHNOLOGY’s process control software SIGMA Link.

Clemens Jargon and Olivier Pirou from Mycronic and Vi TECHNOLOGY attended the award ceremony.

Award in the category “Printing equipment”

Mycronic’s solder paste add-on and repair solution closes the loop in solder joint quality, achieving zero stencil defects. By combining two innovative products, MY700 Jet Printer and PI 3D SPI, Mycronic has created a breakthrough offering to the SMT industry. It opens new perspectives in terms of quality control of the paste deposition process in a SMT assembly line with high product mix at any production volume.

The jury motivation: “Mycronic’s add-on and repair solution addresses a major need in the industry. It is well documented that up to 70% of defects originate from the stencil printer. Of these defects, the majority are missing solder paste. By automatically verifying the paste deposits and replenishing the missing paste with this verification system, the overall reliability and yield of the line will improve.”

“I am very glad that our innovations are getting attention in the industry. The add-on and repair solution with the jet printer and SPI machine is a unique solution, solving a major issue for our customers,” explains Clemens, VP Global SMT at Mycronic.

Award in the category “Process control system”

The SIGMA Link process control software suite helps to achieve new levels of product quality and SMT process reliability, by leveraging Vi TECHNOLOGY’s SPI and AOI inspection machines. Its real-time data correlation and analysis deliver a unique and powerful tool to take a close control over the manufacturing process, and to visibly increasing First Pass Yield.

The jury motivation: The SIGMA Link software suite takes a holistic approach to monitoring the entire shop floor and monitors any deviations in the process, not only the AOI or SPI data. This, in combination with the ease of programming and easy to follow GUI, were two winning factors.


Solder paste add-on and repair

Eliminate stencil printing compromises at any volume with the MY700 3D SPI Add-on and Repair module. Discover how our fully integrated 3D SPI and jet printing solution automatically identifies and fills in missing or damaged solder paste print to help you maintain the highest throughput speeds with simpler stencil designs and zero defects.


SIGMA Link process control

Get the data and images you need to improve yield, diagnose your PCB process, and continuously improve your products. SIGMA Link is your real-time web-based interface for unified SPI and AOI data, allowing you to connect multiple machines to your Manufacturing Execution System. Thanks to rapid data correlation and analysis, it delivers powerful possibilities for measuring, controlling and anticipating process variations.

Text: Mycronic

Photo: Simon Sandgren

Published: 13 November 2019

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