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For all the world's

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tomorrow’s display standards

Everywhere we look today, we find ourselves surrounded by sophisticated display technologies. From digital signage and TVs, to smartphones and heads-up displays, the Prexision series of laser mask writers play a critical role in this technological revolution. All the world’s manufacturers of advanced flat panel displays use the Prexision series of laser mask writers. They help to create the highest resolution screens available for consumers.

Key benefits

  • 25%

    Increase in resolution
  • 70%

    Better placement performance
  • 20%

    Faster writing speed



There has been a fast technological development within the display industry, the pixels getting smaller and smaller and trend towards more complex display such as AMOLED. This trend requires more complicated pixel designs and more pattterns inside pixel.

Prexision-800 is designed to support efficient production of the most advanced display such as, 4k displays for smartphones. With 25% increase in resolution Prexision-800 will deliver superior benefits to mask makers since significant improvement of CD Uniformity and better pattern fidelity can be achieved without jeopardizing productivity by setting a new resolution standard.


The Prexision-80 is for photomasks for up to Generation-8 size panels for the ever-increasing pixel density of smartphone and tablet displays. For the highest resolution AMOLED and LCD displays, the Prexision-80 gives unsurpassed photomask quality. With 70% better global and local placement performance, our Prexision-80 is taking photomask quality to new heights.


Prexision-8 and Prexision-10 are the best fit for the volume production of advanced TFT-LCD photomasks. Prexision-8 supports the photomask size up to Generation-8 and Prexision-10 support up to Generation-10. Prexision-8/10 offers 20% increase in the writing speed with dual writing modes which will allow you to optimize both throughput and quality depends on Generation size.





    Prexision-800   Prexision-80
Minimum L/S resolved [pitch/2] 550 850 750  1000
CD accuracy [nm]  15 20  30  35
set overlay 3σ [nm]
 75  100  75  100
Writing speed [mm²/min] 900 1200 900 1200
Max. mask size [mm]   1400 x 1620   1400 x 1620


    Prexision-8   Prexision-10
Minimum L/S resolved [pitch/2] 750  1000  750  1000
CD accuracy [nm]  70  85  70  85
set overlay 3σ [nm]
 90  120  90  120
Writing speed [mm²/min] 900 1200 900 1200
Max. mask size [mm]   1400 x 1620   1700 x 2000




Get the most out of your system

In order to meet our customers’ individual and specific needs, Mycronic offers a wide range of system options through value-added products (VAP). We offer a number of VAPs for image quality improvement, pattern placement performance, and productivity enhancement. Systems already installed can even be upgraded with new functionalities by installing VAPs.



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With more than 40 years in the electronics industry and a unique market leading position you can count on us.  We understand the fast changes in the market and have a strong local presence in over 50 countries to help our customers. We deliver technologies that are future proof and are devoted to our mission and our clients.

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