Display mask
metrology system


Display mask
metrology system


Display mask
metrology system

Mask metrology system

prove your quality

To demonstrate specs compliance, you must be able to prove that the patterns on photomasks will be properly aligned during the production of the display. In order to accomplish this, you need measurement equipment with even better precision than the laser mask writer.

Key benefits

  • 30%

    Better registration
  • 20%

    Better overlay mask to mask
  • 30%

    Shorter turnaround time


  • Superior accuracy and repeatability with the latest innovative Prexision platform.
  • Improved registration measurements with our proprietory technologies.
  • Faster turnaround time, because you can trust the first-time measurement result.
  • Utilizes the full potential of our Prexision laser mask writers.

The Prexision-MMS – based on the most accurate Prexision platform – takes registration measurements over large areas to a completely new level. Now you can show just how good your photomasks are.

The performance of your measurement system is also critical for fine-tuning laser mask writers in order to utilize their full capabilities, so that your photomasks are written with the highest quality.

Prexision-MMS is offered with two models. G8 model can deal with the mask size that used for up to display generation 8 glass size. For G10 model, up to display generation 11 glass size.



G8 model
G10 model
Overlay the mask-to-mask 3σ [nm] 40
Registration 3σ [nm] 65
CD repeatability 3σ [nm] 50
The mask size [mm] 1400 x 1620 1700 x 2000



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