FPS Series


FPS Series


FPS Series


Multi-purpose photomask manufacturing

gets unparalleled flexibility

Our FPS Series of mask writers delivers stable, high-speed and cost-efficient manufacturing of advanced photomasks for multi-purpose applications. Depending on your requirements, they can be flexibly configured to handle a wide range of applications, such as advanced electronic packaging, LED touchscreens, MEMS, color filters, fine metal masks, 3D molds and more.

The FPS series are built on the new state-of-the-art control platform called Evo, designed to support growing trends within automation, connectivity and big data in mask manufacturing environment in order to achieve higher product yield. The Evo platform is based upon a fully modern software and electronics architecture ready to meet both current and future requirements from the electronics industry. Learn more about the Evo control platform.

Reliable and field-proven, all of our mask writers offer the flexibility to handle diverse mask applications, while still achieving outstanding stability of operation, high writing speeds, large writing areas and the CD uniformity you need to handle demanding requirements.

The latest addition to our family, the FPS 8100 Evo, is specifically designed to meet the growing trend from LCD to AMOLED displays, which requires metal masks for the deposition process of organic materials. With a new platform and added technologies, it offers a 78% increase in writing speed and 87% greater writing area, compared with our well-established FPS 6100 Evo.

The beauty of FPS solutions is that you can continue to manufacture existing products, while also going after lucrative new business opportunities that may require larger panel areas, higher writing speeds, tighter critical dimensions or even fine metal mask manufacturing.

Key benefits

  • Flexibility
    Broad product configuration offering
  • Productivity
    Increased writing speed with XT mode
  • Stability
    Unmatched system uptime
  • Up to six different writing levels and various loading solution offering
  • Configurable with two different laser sources to expose on either chrome or emulsion photomasks
  • Up to G8 mask size exposure area
  • Enhance writing speed up to 76% with XT (eXtreme Throughput) mode
  • Keeping over 95% system uptime since first system installed

FPS 8100 Evo

The FPS 8100 Evo is our high-end solution for mask producers who want all the flexibility of the FPS concept but face new challenges relating to the microfabrication of LEDs, advanced electronic packages or fine metal mask applications. Developed in close collaboration with demanding customers, it builds on a new platform and includes several new performance-enhancing technologies to improve stability (productivity yield), extend the writing area and speed for multi-purpose applications, compared to earlier models.

The system is configured with two optical levels and features an 87% increase in the writing area (up to 1,400 mm x 1,620 mm; fine metal mask for up to generation-8 display size), compared to the earlier FPS 6100 series. It is primarily designed to meet the trend from LCD to AMOLED display technology, which enables better image quality and thinner displays with increased energy efficiency. This technology can also be used for manufacturing bendable displays.

However, the new higher requirements of AMOLED also involve more advanced photomasks since each pixel is controlled by 5-6 transistors, compared with 1-2 transistors for LCD. This requires the deposition of smaller, more accurate organic deposits within each pixel – a new challenge that is uniquely met with the FPS 8100 Evo. In parallel to this very specific need, you can also handle many other writing applications.

FPS 6100 Evo and FPS 6100E Evo

Reliable and well proven, the FPS 6100 Evo is used by some of the world’s leading photomask manufacturers to achieve superior image quality and productivity for advanced multi-purpose applications. Configurable with two different laser sources, the writers in this series let you expose on either chrome or emulsion photomasks.

The FPS 6100 Evo offers both higher writing speed and improved image quality compared to the previous FPS 5500. Compared to earlier models, it lets you boost writing speeds by up to 76% thanks to the newly developed XT mode option. You also gain a 40% improvement in CD uniformity to meet today’s challenging requirements.

FPS 6100E Evo is equipped with green laser which is capable to expose Emulsion masks. The system is built on same Evo control platform thus you can experience all the benefits heritage from FPS series.




FPS 8100 Evo    
Writing levels Lvl 40  Lvl 25
Writing speed [mm²/min] 4500 6500
Minimum L/S resolved (pitch/2) 2.0 3.5
CD Uniformity 3σ [nm] 60 80
Registration 3σ [nm] 140 150
Overlay 3σ [nm] 100 120
Max. mask size [mm] 1400x1620


FPS 6100 Evo            
Writing levels Lvl 80 Lvl 60 Lvl 40 Lvl 25 Lvl 20 Lvl 15 
Writing speed [mm²/min] 525 1250 2600 6000 8000 12000
Minimum L/S resolved (pitch/2) 0.75 1.2 2.0 3.5 5.0 7.0
CD Uniformity 3σ [nm] 30 40 60 80 100 200
Overlay 3σ [nm] 70 85 100 120 140 160
Max. mask size [mm] 813x813*


FPS 6100E Evo Lvl 25 Lvl 20 Lvl 15 
Writing speed [mm²/min] 5000 8000 12000
Minimum L/S resolved (pitch/2) 6.0 8.0 12.0
CD Uniformity 3σ [nm] 600 700 900
Overlay 3σ [nm] 120 140 160
Max. mask size [mm] 813x813*

* Extended mask sizes up to 1100x1100 and 900x1200 available as options



A number of options are available so that you can equip your system to comply precisely with your customer's requirements. These options are also available as value-added products for your already installed FPS6100 systems.



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