Camera Module Assembly and Test

Electronics for the automotive industry is a growing segment within the electronics industry which includes camera and sensor assembly for advanced driver support, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). 

AEi, part of Mycronic Group, is the market leader of automated camera and sensor assembly and test equipment for the automotive market. It is complemented by our dedicated and newly enhanced PCT system or Post-Cure Test system. Our industry leadership is built on a symbiotic combination of optical alignment algorithms, and sequential processing all within a compact design. Bringing these compelling elements together ensures our products deliver the best financial returns in the industry.

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Our Value Proposition

Built on our deep process engineering background we offer systems that improve our customer’s production performance every day.

Optimizing Performance

Our CMAT system supports your objective of optimizing production lines by delivering the best yields in the industry at close to 100%. Field tests over many years have validated our claim of producing the highest unit per hour across the competitive landscape. And our electronics support all industry standard camera protocols. Our PCT system targets manufacturers  looking to test and measure 100% of their cameras to avoid any quality issues and collect camera parameters (intrinsics). Placed after the complete cure of the camera unit, PCT offers a wide range of tests and geometrical calibration.

Seamless Integration

We are passionate about our people not just our machines. You should be able to rely on a supplier with decades of relevant experience in process engineering. We partner with our customers from prototype to mass production supporting their needs. We understand and collaborate on your long-term product requirements.

Proven Reliability and Quality

Since 2009 our systems have enabled the launch of over 300 camera modules. In a relatively new field we are the clear market leader with over 60 million actively aligned units being produced each year by our customers using our unique systems.

Return on Investment

This combination of experience, accuracy, reliability and technical expertise ensures our machines deliver the highest returns in the industry.

Our Camera assembly and test solutions 

Camera assembly and test
Automated camera and sensor assembly systems.

PCT close up

Post-Cure Test
New modular automated test solution for cameras and sensor.


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