Bare board testers
atg L&M

atg L&M, part of Mycronic Group, is the leading supplier of electrical test solutions for the printed circuit board (PCB) industry.

atg L&M supplies economical test solutions for small and large production quantities, and offers dedicated test applications for a wide range of markets and product technologies – from consumer products such as tablets and mobile phones to medical devices. With a unique multi head technology, we reach an outstanding performance of speed and throughput in the bare board industry.

atg L&M's offering ranges from Flying Probe based test systems (FPT) to fixture based Grid test systems. The Flying Probe Systems use direct (ohmic) and indirect (capacitance, inductance) measurement techniques and offer many options for using both in combination in order to achieve the best reliability and performance ratio. In addition, a wide range of measurement methods like Micro-Short Detection®,  4-Wire Test (Kelvin Test), embedded component test and LaTest® (Latent Defect Test) is available to cater to specific application requirements. Also the Grid systems offer many different possibilities like Micro Short Detection®,  4-Wire Test (Kelvin Test) and Spark-Test for optimal test Solutions.

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Our Bare Board Test Systems

Flying Probe Tester PCB Mycronic

Flying Probe Tester PCB
Automatic and manual test solutions for small and large production quantities

Flying Probe Substrate

Flying Probe Substrate
Automatic and manual test solutions for scanning, capacitance measurement, and high accuracy and temperature management

Grid Test Mycronic

Universal Grid Tester
Test solutions based on solid granite for large quantities and the highest accuracy