Mycronic's new financial and sustainability targets

Mycronic will double net sales, double profit, and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions by half

The electronics industry is fundamentally a good industry to serve and our divisions have strong positions in their respective niches. Mycronic also aims to participate in the transition towards a more sustainable electronics industry, both by limiting our own impact and the impact through our products. This is a good foundation for our new ambitious targets for the period 2027-2030:

  • Net sales will reach SEK 10 billion2X


  • 2XEBIT will exceed SEK 2 billion


  • Reduce own CO2 emissions by 50 percent1/2



For the Group we aim to consistently be above an EBIT margin of 20 percent and all divisions should be above 10 percent in order to create meaningful contributions. 

In addition, Mycronic commits to setting Science-Based Targets.