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PCB assembly

Discover the potential of state-of-the-art 3D SPI technology

Find out how to prevent print defects from degrading your SMT process with the latest generation of 3D SPI machine.

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PCB assembly

From high-mix to mid-volume productions, what should you expect from a 3D AOI?

High-mix/high-reliability electronics manufacturers are keen to implement 3D AOI as long as it doesn't take up their resources nor affect their agility, while still offering industry-leading performance.

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PCB assembly

THT and press-fit inspection with Mycronic 3D AOI

THT and press-fit components are becoming more prevalent in today’s electronics manufacturing, regardless of production volumes. To offer the highest level of reliability to their customers while rationalizing their own capital investment, EMSs and OEMs need to count on a 3D AOI technology versatile and powerful enough to inspect THT and press-fit types of components with the same performance as for regular SMT ones.

PCB assembly

How can a smart component storage system benefit your bottom line?

With this webinar, you will understand how an advanced storage tower impacts your SMT process, generating often unexpected amounts of savings.

PCB assembly

Perfect solder joint with jet printing

The reliability and efficiency of your solder paste deposition process has a direct effect on the performance and profitability of your SMT production line(s). In addition, its capability to handle complex PCBs, with growing component diversity in types and sizes, can positively influence your competitiveness.

PCB assembly

How to reach component stock accuracy

Not being able to provide your SMT assembly line with the right component at the right time can generate hours of unplanned production stoppages, affecting efficiency, delivery times and your profitability. In most of the cases, this situation occurs because information about the stock of material on hand is inaccurate and/or incomplete.

PCB assembly

Software integration at the factory level

Modern electronics manufacturing increasingly relies on the interconnectivity between production equipment and factory management systems, such as MES or ERP software. But how to concretely achieve such an integration taking into account the variety of hardware and software involved?

PCB assembly

Optimizing your pick-and-place process

How to get the most out of your Mycronic placement process? With MYCenter Analysis, a new level of performance is in your hands.