Mycronic welcomes Huan Cheng Xin to the Group

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On November 1, 2021, a closing ceremony was held between Mycronic and Huan Cheng Xin Precision Manufacture Co., Ltd.. The celebration took place both online and on site at our office in Shenzhen, and celebrated the closing of Mycronic’s High Volume division’s acquisition of Huan Cheng Xin.

Huan Cheng Xin and Mycronic
Huan Cheng Xin is a leading manufacturer of SMT solder paste screen printing solutions in China. Its products complement High Volume’s existing portfolio of advanced dispensing solutions and will broaden our existing customer offering.

Huan Cheng Xin also offers odd-form pick-and-place machines for sub assembly and final assembly after the SMT line, which complements High Volume’s automation solutions in final assembly. Huan Cheng Xin’s pick-and-place solutions are different from Mycronic’s MY300 pick-and-place, that are used within the SMT line.

Going forward, High Volume division and Huan Cheng Xin will work together to develop market leading assembly equipment in line with Mycronic’s long-term strategy.

Flowers, Chinese and Swedish flags and Dalahästar

Press release announcing the acquisition

Text: Mycronic

Photo: Mycronic

Published: 4 november 2021

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