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You thought you had it all figured out. But continuous miniaturization is making your assembly line costly to operate. Applying solder paste using traditional screen printing technology is fast but can't deal with all applications on boards.


Board cavities, flexible substrates and components of different sizes and technologies all present their own sets of challenges. Using multiple needle dispensers downstream of the screen printer as a solution is commonplace in the industry, but limits the overall throughput of your production line and your ability to increase productivity and efficiency.

High spped solder paste dispensingSolution

High speed and high precision without compromise

The jet printer's rapid, on-the-fly jetting means it is ideally suited for high-throughput environments where needle dispensers have far slower dispensing rates. Placed in-line after a screen printer, the MY700 allows you to add extra paste – exactly where and when you need it most. Its ability to build up deposits with single dots without touching the board ensures high and consistent quality.

Mycronic full line

As an add-on technology, it boosts the efficiency of your high-volume line not only for difficult boards or components but also for on-the-fly revisions and small-batch jobs. Up to ten times faster than a dispenser, the MY700 Jet Printer is capable of shooting on-the-fly with high accuracy at speeds of more than one million dots per hour. The result is a highly flexible in-line solution that opens up new design possibilities for all types of higher volume applications.

High volume and high mix, all at the same time

Of course, even the biggest volume operations will need to cope with the occasional short run or prototype. But not everyone has the excess capacity to spare. With the MY700 in-line, you gain the flexibility to run small batches with some of the most complex component and board designs. Used to off-load other lines, it allows you to boost your utilization, handle more short batches, and respond more quickly to changing demands.


Whatever your current solution, the promise of jet printing is simple: improve the quality of any PCB, with greater control and fewer errors for a vast range of challenging applications. It's a promise we've been fulfilling for the most demanding manufacturers around the world for nearly a decade.