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Case stories

The following customer case stories provide insight into the quality and reliability of the equipment and PCB assembly solutions offered by Mycronic.

Customers have praised Mycronic’s machines for enabling efficient and effective assembly processes, as well as our knowledgeable and attentive staff. One customer even noted that with Mycronic they were able to decrease assembly time and repetitive manual work, resulting in increased production volume.

Mycronic's team of experts is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. With Mycronic, customers can trust that their assemblies will be completed on time and to the highest standards.

Total control, fewer false calls, no hidden defects

Everyone’s talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days. Zeal Electronics Ltd is a UK subcontractor embracing AI-powered optical inspection, as well as software analytics to increase accuracy and speed up deliveries.

Jetting to success

Covering 95% of the solder paste printing needs of four pick-and-place machines, with 20 changeovers a week – including BGAs and LGAs with a 0.3 mm pitch. For Mectro AS it’s all in a day’s work, executed swiftly and efficiently using a single next-generation MY700JX Jet Printer.

Innovation overdrive

Founded in 2018 as a fast-paced prototyping unit and R&D accelerator, the SMT department of one Chinese e-bike technology services company has placed the latest MYPro assembly solutions at the heart of its product diversification strategy.

More growth, less pain

How one Silicon Valley company is accelerating the design-to-manufacturing cycle. As their client base and production volumes have expanded, Mycronic equipment has played a central role in the quality, flexibility and production scalability that the company is able to provide.

Thinking outside the line

How Wuxi Good Electronics is pushing the frontiers of flexible assembly. The company’s current production setup shows just how far the right technologies – and an innovative mind – can push flexible assembly into new frontiers.

Taking productivity to new heights

How one aerospace manufacturer saves time and boosts production volumes with Mycronic's material handling storage towers

Flawless flow

When the world’s top manufacturer of lifting columns needed to streamline its material flows, MYTower made it possible.

Components on demand

How do you quantify the benefits of automation? Twenty percent higher production volume with the original base of operators is a good start.

A showcase stockroom

In the world of rapid prototyping, speed and accuracy are everything. And everything starts in the stockroom. Based on this insight, California-based XLR8 has built a strong reputation for best-in-class material flows thanks to a comprehensive integrated material handling system from Mycronic.

Smaller, smarter, faster

Just outside of Nürnberg, Germany, one forward-thinking manufacturer is rapidly modernizing its production to meet fast-growing demands for advanced industrial IoT electronics. Thanks to the latest full-line assembly solutions from Mycronic, mikrolab can now respond to global competition with greater speed, quality and cost efficiency than ever before.

Autonomous inspection

21st century industries demand 21st century manufacturing solutions. With the help of the latest 3D automated optical inspection systems, MSL Circuits – an ALL Circuits company, is helping leading automotive manufacturers make a flawless transformation to the era of electric vehicles.

Putting performance data to work

As an innovative European contract manufacturer, DF Elettronica is determined to continually push the limits of automation. Whether it’s inspection, traceability, material transport or process optimization, the application of highly advanced technologies has been central to the company’s successful production strategy for many years. MYCenter Analysis is just the latest in the ongoing pursuit for the optimal high-flexibility production environment.

Analysis made easy

For a savvy production manager, it’s always possible to get the right troubleshooting data from your pick-and-place machine – if you have plenty of time and effort to spare. Thanks to MYCenter Analysis, the supervisors at one electronics manufacturing facility can get the statistics they need at a glance, without ever leaving the office.

Surprising insights

For Allelektronik in southern Sweden, the new MYCenter Analysis dashboard came as a real eye-opener. Having spent more than a decade optimizing production for a single customer, Production Manager Mats Landström was thrilled to see things from an entirely new perspective. “We really didn’t know if the software would be useful at first,” he says. “Now we can’t live without it.”

A high-tech future down under

At its headquarters in a high-tech industry hub in Brisbane, Australia, Elexon Electronics is investing in the future of advanced local manufacturing. For CEO Frank Faller, this means finding new solutions to turn ideas into products faster, smarter and with the highest quality.

Smarter growth in the SMT factory

What happens when business is growing, components are shrinking, and both staff and production space remain the same? A visit to Allelektronik shows that the answer lies in the thoughtful development of smarter planning systems, advanced equipment and cutting-edge automation solutions.