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Dispensing and coating

The MYSmart series offers a wide range of specialized dispensing and coating solutions. Some standard features across the range include precision robotics, high-accuracy laser detection systems, automated calibration routines, robust fiducial algorithms and more.

Whether you require in-line dispensing solutions for high volume manufacturing, table-top dispensers for R&D and batched production environments or conformal coating systems to ruggedize and protect complex electronics, Mycronic’s specialized product lines within dispensing and coating offers distinct advantages in their respective fields.

Tabletop dispensing

For small-batch manufacturers, the MYSmart series provides a selection of robust tabletop dispensing robots with a variety of capabilities.

In-line dispensing

Proven in the most advanced production environments, a wide range of in-line dispense solutions, and a comprehensive portfolio of valve technologies.

Conformal coating

For protecting and ruggedizing electronics. High-performance and high-precision conformal coating equipment and valve technologies.

Industrial dispensing

Industrial dispensing systems. Automated dispensing of structural, thermal, sealing, bonding fluids across a range of industry applications.