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Component storage

A modern, near-production storage system. The MYTower is an automated, highly flexible and expandable buffer storage unit for electronic components, designed for deployment near the production line.

In a MYTower, the right component is in the right place in a controlled material handling environment – ready for quick and smooth changeovers in your SMT line. You can even store your most frequently used components with an Agilis feeder attached!

Reels capacity and footprint

  MYTower 5 MYTower 6 MYTower 6+ MYTower 7+ MYTower 5x MYTower 6x
Capacity 812 980 980 1148 1652 (8 mm)2052 (4 mm) 1988 (8 mm)2468 (4 mm)
Footprint (m²) 1.46 1.46 1.59 1.59 1.95 1.95

MYTower 5

Mycronic’s most compact component storage system

MYTower 6

Suited for storing large quantity of 4-13” and 15” reels

MYTower 6+

Designed to store larger quantities of 15” reels

MYTower 7+

Mycronic’s tallest storage system to store large quantities of reels next to your SMT lines

MYTower 5x

Maximum reel storage capacity in a height-constraint location

MYTower 6x

Mycronic’s largest component storage system in less than 2 m²

Brochure MYTower