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MYD10/10i in-line dispenser

MYD10/10i in-line dispenser

  • Head Single or dual head dispense
  • Technology Non-contact jetting technology
  • Automation Semi- or full automation

Ball screw drive in-line dispensers

The compact MYD10 enables highly advanced non-contact jetting for enhanced dispensing uniformity, throughput and material utilization.

Dual lane conveyors

Dual lane help in maximizing your production line and optimizing throughput. Two different jobs can run on each line.

Dual valve configurations

Synchronous dual valve; two heads work at the same time to save cycle time and improve productivity. Asynchronous dual valve; two heads work at different time. Different materials can be used on each valve.

Temperature spot check

User programmable location where exact temperature is measured and verified with programmable go/no-go logic.

Automatic visual inspection

AVI, automatic visual inspection, improves inspection quality and helps automate the production line. The AVI can be set to warn, flag and log production results increasing yield traceability and visibility.

Configurable conveyor stations

Edge clamps, vacuum blocks, vacuum heating and non-contact heating modules offer all the potential material handling options for efficient dispensing.

Tilt options

Pneumatic and electrical tilt and rotate options enable precise material dispense in difficult to reach locations. Individual angle offsets are programmed for precise dispensing.


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