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Component placement

In today's dynamic electronics production environment, machine cycle time is no longer the limiting factor. The number of boards you produce per day is mainly determined by your ability to handle material and information efficiently.

Let us help you master this complexity with the most versatile pick-and-place solution on the market. The MY300 series delivers SMT pick-and-place at next level precision and flexibility in a fast, small and smart format. 

MYPro A40 DX

High accuracy and fast changeovers at IPC-rated speed up to 59,000 components per hour.


High-speed all-in-one mounter, with a top speed of 40,000 components per hour.


Flexible all-in-one mounter with a top speed of 24,000 components per hour.


All-in-one mounter, with a top speed of 16,000 components per hour.


High-speed chip mounter, with a top speed of 45,000 components per hour.


IC and odd shape mounter, with a top speed of 11,000 components per hour.

Brochure MY300