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MYC60 industrial dispenser

MYC60 industrial dispenser

  • Heavy-duty Heavy-duty conveyor
  • Accuracy High wet-dispense accuracy
  • Applications Single or dual component applicators to cover a large variety of applications
  • Robust Robust frame structure

Automated industrial dispensing

It’s a rough world out there for industrial electronics. Which is why leading tier-one EMS facilities worldwide rely on Mycronic’s MYC60 Industrial Dispenser for their toughest structural, thermal, sealing, bonding and gasketing needs.

Give your industrial assemblies the protection they deserve

As an industry leader in precision jet printing, dispensing and coating solutions, Mycronic has long been at the forefront of industrial automation in electronics protection. The MYC60 takes these capabilities to a new level, giving manufacturers a highly versatile, customizable platform for high-volume dispensing of nearly any 1K or 2K material.

Whether you’re producing automotive assemblies, 5G infrastructure or aerospace electronics, the MYC60 offers an all-in-one solution to all your demands for 24/7 dispensing, pumping, metering and process control. From medium to high-volume production. In-line or batch configurations. Complete with a wide array of conveyor, trolley and robotic integration options. Whatever your application, the MYC60 offers the latest process controls together with the quality and flexibility Mycronic is known for.

Bring on your toughest challenges

From thermal interface dispensing and bonding of THT components, to casting, potting, gasketing and sealing, the MYC60 can be custom- designed to meet your toughest industrial dispensing needs. Contact Mycronic today to discuss your specifications.


Thermal interfaces

Take the heat off your assemblies with superior levels of vertical and horizontal control. The MYC60’s advanced nozzle and needle controls make it possible to apply nearly any thermal conductive material into nearly any gap with unmatched speed and precision.

Casting and potting

Seal off your electronics from heat, moisture and vibration. Or protect them from prying eyes. From batteries and sensors to proprietary products, there’s no limit to what you can cast and encapsulate.


Are your THT components vulnerable to shocks and vibrations? Now you can bond even the most complex geometries with a wide range of 1K and 2K materials.

Sealing and gasketing

Seal virtually any shape with better consistency and less effort. Whatever your pattern or line width, the MYC60 is there to fill the gaps.


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