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PCB assembly solutions

Mycronic's PCB assembly solutions provide businesses with the tools they need to ensure their printed circuit boards are assembled in a reliable and efficient manner.

From solder paste printing machines to dispensing equipment, Mycronic's comprehensive range of solutions provides businesses with high quality and accurate PCB assembly solutions.

With a focus on ease of use and cost-effectiveness, Mycronic's solutions are designed to meet the needs of any size business, from small prototyping to large-scale production.

As the leading provider of PCB assembly solutions, Mycronic is the perfect partner for businesses looking to take their PCB assembly operations to the next level.

Mycronic 4.0

Mycronic 4.0 is a complete, agile manufacturing solution that masters the complexity of modern electronics production. Offering a highly automated, intelligent factory for just-in-time production, with 100% stock accuracy.

The perfect solder joint

Jet printing offers you total volume control and superior accuracy for every solder joint. Each component gets the right amount of solder paste with jet printing technology, instead of the problems often faced with stencil printing.

High speed solder paste dispensing

Whatever your current solution, the promise of jet printing is simple: improve the quality of any PCB, with greater control and fewer errors for a vast range of challenging applications.

Material handling

When it comes to material tracking and stock accuracy, Mycronic’s solutions offer the industry’s most precise and error-free systems. Material handling has never been this simple!

Enhancing the art of inspection programming

It’s sometimes called the ping-pong effect: the back-and-forth task of adjusting 3D inspection models to eliminate false calls without increasing the risk of escapes. Thanks to the automated programming assistant, Escape Tracker, all this work can now be put to better use.

Faster. Sharper. Smarter.

How a new vision technology is bringing faster cycle times and higher resolution to 3D AOI. The latest vision technology from Mycronic points toward a faster, sharper, and smarter path forward.