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Conformal coating valves

Conformal coating valves

Valves for Mycronic’s MYSmart MYC series of conformal coating equipment, the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. High-precision coating for many industry needs.

Mycronic’s coating valves are designed for high-precision conformal coating in a variety of industrial environments. These valves feature adjustable, high-flow rates, and the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Swirl-mode spray valve


V-5000 is an ideal spray tool for high mixed printed circuit boards. It is suitable for medium and low viscosity fluids. Especially for silicone coating materials this valve is very well suited. For the Silicone materials the Swirl functionality creates a very even spray result. Note: There is also a V-5000 spray valve with adjustable air cap. This valve is very well suited for very fast drying materials and can avoid the effect of cob webbing. Application • Selective Conformal Coating • Medium and low viscosity material
Precision spray valve


V-5800 is a low pressure, low flow air atomizing spray valve which is suitable for low to medium viscosity material. Because of its low atomizing air pressure, it can achieve very nice edge definitions, smaller widths and thinner wet film thickness, which is required for selective spraying and high thickness requirements. Note: This valve is supplied with two different spray caps, for various materials. Application • Selective Conformal Coating • Acrylics • UV Coatings • Polyurethanes
Film coating valve


V-5400 film coating valve is a non-atomizing coating valve for low viscosity material, especially for solvent based applications. The nozzle structure enables the material to be sprayed out in a non-atomized manner, and the material utilization rate is as high as 99%. To achieve the optimal film width and film thickness, there are a variety of optional nozzle for each application. Note: Usage of this valve is limited to materials with a viscosity less than 100 centipoise Application • Acrylics • Polyurethanes
Precision needle valve

V-420A GEL

The V-420 Gel time/pressure valve is a precision dispensing valve suitable for medium to high viscosity fluids. By adjusting the valve parameters and selecting the appropriate needle size, it is possible to dispense a wide variety of fluids and volumes with high consistency. Note: It can be integrated into any motion platform with the C-100H controller.


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