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Photomask solutions

Large area measurement - eet the world's most accurate metrology system

Large area measurement meet the world's most accurate metrology system

The crucial component in today’s high-quality displays is their set of photomasks, which must match each other accurately. Overlay and registration show up on the nanometer scale, a scale so small that close to one hundred thousand points can be identified on the width of a human hair!

New increasing demands on LCD displays

On average, the size of LCD displays has been growing one inch every year. Resolution has been increasing, and new product ideas – like curved displays – are entering the market. In a world of constant innovation, you need supreme quality to remain competitive. Your technology must also have a high yield in the LCD panel manufacturing stage of your production.

Making every pixel count in smartphone display

With every new generation of smartphones, manufacturers tempt consumers and try to outdo their competition not only with ever-higher resolution and bigger displays but also by switching the panel from LCD to AMOLED. This trend is creating new, extreme challenges in manufacturing the photomasks that make up a smartphone display.