Enabling the future of electronics

When passion meets innovation

Our knowledge is key

When the most advanced manufacturers needed a fully integrated, agile production solution, we listened. When the top display producers demanded a revolution in image quality and throughput, we responded. And when billions of electronic devices are produced this year, we are here – supporting the industry to create technologies that shape our world.

Enabling the display evolution

Flatscreen TVs, smartphones or tablets. Interactive touchscreens or flexible displays. Wherever there is an advanced display, our mask writers played an indispensable role in creating it. It’s our flawless nanometer precision that allows most leading producers in the world to constantly push the limits of display technology – from 4k to 8k and beyond.

Mycronic 4.0 - Intelligent factory

Productivity. It's a growing challenge for the entire SMT industry. Last-minute customer requests. Increasingly complex boards. Stock accuracy and inventory issues. And more and more changeovers together with an increasing number of new product introductions. Initiatives like Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory are high on the agenda for the SMT industry. Our response to these challenges, and the need for higher productivity, is Mycronic 4.0.

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