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In-line dispensing valves

In-line dispensing valves

Our dispensing valves are ideal for dispensing a wide variety of fluids and materials, ranging from adhesives and sealants to inks and solder paste. The valves feature fast response times, and are highly flexible, allowing for easy integration with the Mycronic MYSmart MYD series.

Mycronic’s different types of dispensing valves provide wide range of capabilities to optimize your dispensing process. For large flow applications, auger valves decrease cycle time while maintaining tight process controls. All valves are designed with speed, durability and precision in mind.

Jetting Valve


V-6500 is a non-contact pneumatic jet dispensing valve which can realize high-speed and volume-controlled dispensing of various materials. This jet valve can dispense droplets into narrow cavities down to 100 µm and precisely dispense droplets of 0.01 mg at the designated position. It is widely used in SMT, FPC&PCBA assembly industry, LED packaging industry, energy industry, electroacoustic industry, optics, MEMS, RFID and other occasions that require high precision, high efficiency, non-contact and space constraints. It provides flexibility and low cost of ownership. Note: It can be integrated into any motion platform with C-160G controller Application • Underfill • Lead Encapsulation • Precision Coating • Bonding • Sealing • Potting • Dam & Fill • SMA dots
Auger Valve


V-8000S Auger Valve uses a servo motor to accurately turn the auger. The auger screw is rotated to transmit the fluid along the auger to the dispense tip. The valve controls are integrated into the dispensing system control software for closed-loop operation. Parameters such as syringe feed pressure and auger speed can be adjusted directly in the system software. The valve also has reverse motion capability enhancing fluid breakoff and improving repeatability. It uses interchangeable screw cartridges which allow a fast replacement and easy maintenance. Note: It can be integrated into any motion platform with C-191 controller Application • Encapsulation • Sealing • Dot dispensing
High pressure valve


The V-300HP time/pressure valve is specifically suited for high-viscosity fluid dispensing where high feeding pressures are required. The unique structural design of the stainless steel balance shaft ensures the stability of dispensing under high pressure. Its powerful suckback function ensures repeatable dispensing without needle tip contamination nor breakoff issues. Note: It can be integrated into any motion platform with C-100H controller Application • Bonding • Sealing • Fixing • TIM dispensing • Potting
Diaphragm valve


This time/pressure valve has a Teflon diaphragm which separates the fluid chamber from the driving parts. With a compact and durable design, good chemical inertness and wear resistance it is ideal for dispensing cyanoacrylates. Note: It can be integrated into any motion platform with C-100H controller Application • Medical • Special Materials
Piezo jetting valve


The APJ-1000S is a non-contact piezo jetting valve that can be widely used with surface mount adhesives, conductive silver pastes, IC encapsulation adhesives, underfill, sealant and conformal coating fluids. The piezo profile parameters and vast selection of nozzle/needle combinations allow a wide range of dot weights and high frequency jetting up to 500 Hz. Droplets as small as 2 nL may be placed into narrow areas with 100 µm . The MYD platform coupled with the APJ-1000S can cover a wide range of applications in the industries such as electronic packaging, lighting, automotive, defense and medical where high precision and high efficiency dispensing are required. Note: It can be integrated with any motion platform with the H-180H series controller Application • Underfill • Dam & fill • SMA dots • Lead encapsulation • Precision coating • Bonding
High flow needle valve


V-400UH is a dispensing valve suitable for medium and low viscosity fluids. It is mainly used in occasions with low load capacity, limited supporting space or multi-valve dispensing, such as CD production equipment. Note: It can be integrated into any motion platform with C-100H controller. Application • Potting • Filling • Edge sealing • Dotting
Precision needle valve

V-420A JET

The V-420A conformal coating jetting valve is a micro-volume and precision dispensing valve suitable for low viscosity fluids. By adjusting the valve parameters and selecting the appropriate needle size, it is possible to obtain micro-volume dispensing with high consistency. Note: It can be integrated into any motion platform with the V-420A high frequency solenoid. Applications: • Conform coating • Edge sealing • Dotting
Rotary Valve


The V-605 rotary valve is a high pressure valve with dual pneumatic inputs for immediate open and close action to prevent stringing or tailing. It utilizes a rotational valve design, allowing the valve footprint to be much smaller. The interior parts are machined with high accuracy to provide excellent sealing ability, high dispensing precision, strong wear resistance, and can handle particle-filled fluids. Note: It can be integrated into any motion platform with the C-100H controller. Applications: • Highly filled and/or abrasive fluids • RTV


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