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MYPro I91 - 3D AOI

MYPro I91 - 3D AOI

  • AI AI-powered interface for fast and reliable programming
  • Fast Up to 30% faster cycle times
  • Accurate Best-in-class accuracy

High-performance 3D AOI for heavy duty and thick board inspection

The MYPro I91 3D AOI is specially designed to handle heavyweight PCBAs up to 15 Kg, special boards with up to 15 mm PCB thickness, or PCBAs on carrier. For reference, MYPro I91 is operated by PCBA’s manufacturers for telecom infrastructures, data centers or high-voltage power management. Geared with the new Iris™ 3D vision technology, it benefits from up to 30% faster processing time while doubling up on pixel resolution. The result is a real breakthrough in inspection cycle times keeping pace with the most demanding production lines in the industry, and an increased test coverage with the ability to inspect 008004 (0201 metric) component packages.

MYWizard, a game changer in 3D AOI programming

To guide operators through programming, the new MYWizard user interface integrates two artificial intelligence systems – Auto-Matchmaker, an advanced component recognition technology, and new machine learning algorithms that inspect fiducials and component’s polarity. It results in up to 30% reduction in programming time compared with previous generations, with reduced programmer experience and training. 

Escape Tracker for automated performance optimization

Industry first

Next-generation self-checking system for inspection performances

With Escape Tracker, the operator is immediately informed of any errors or programming weaknesses that could potentially generate false calls or escapes during production. Fine-tuning is made much simpler, faster and more efficient regardless of production conditions or programmer skill levels.

Iris™ 3D vision technology

Faster. Sharper. Smarter.

High-performance inspection. Accelerated.

The next generation of automotive and industrial electronics demand next-generation inspection technologies. The Iris 3D vision technology pushes the limits of high-performance AOI to offer the industry’s most precise metrology and complete test coverage even at the most demanding takt times.

Sharper 3D imaging

Iris 3D image

Iris 3D image

Iris 3D image

Industry-leading performance and production stability

The MYPro I series offers best-in-class accuracy and repeatability in X, Y, Z and Theta for efficient process control. The unique combination of sub-pixel geometric pattern matching technology, proprietary 3D algorithms and unique warpage and distortion compensation leads to superior critical measurement capabilities.

  • Vectoral imaging pattern matching.
  • +/- 5 mm warpage compensation with full Z accuracy.
  • 3.5 μm X,Y resolution with sub-pixel technology
  • Constant 1 µm Z resolution, from -5 up to 20 mm in altitude

For heavy-weight boards up to 15 kg

MYPro I91 is designed to handle and inspect heavy-duty heavy-weight boards up to 15 kg. In terms of PCB size, it can process large PCBAs up to 533 x 609 mm (21 x 24”).

All-in-one inspection capabilities

With full test coverage, the MYPro I series measures the component body, leads, and solder joints with the utmost accuracy to catch any type of defects.

Its comprehensive toolbox of ready-to-use 2D and 3D inspection tests allows the MYPro I series to inspect not only all SMT components, but also through-hole components, press-fit components, connectors of all types and shapes, and any new packages.

The board geometry and relative positions of components, pins, or connectors can also be inspected with metrological precision to further expand your test coverage and production quality.

Fully integrated process control

MYPro Link

MYPro Link, Mycronic’s award-winning web-based process control software suite, puts the benefits of inspection data correlation into real-time production. All so you can monitor your line performance over time or at a glance and get to the root cause of every defect in just a few clicks.

MYPro Analyze

Monitor your process in real time with MYPro Analyze: accurate production data help you optimize your performance and give you meaningful information to further improve and maximize first-pass yield.


MYPro I series 3D AOI brochure


Iris™ 3D vision technology



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