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MYTower 7+ component storage

MYTower 7+ component storage

  • Very compact footprint Only 1.55 m² footprint.
  • Extended storage capacity High storage capacity of 1,148 reels.
  • Close-to-production buffer Can be positioned close to the production line

The MYTower 7+ is Mycronic’s tallest component storage system, measuring at 3.03 m, with a capacity of 1,148 reels.

This component storage system has a footprint of 1.55 m², and is designed to store the large quantities of reels right next to your SMT lines.

Components where you need them – when you need them

The MYTower closes a gap in flexible SMT manufacturing where up until now, reels had to be physically found and retrieved, one at a time, from space-consuming and inflexible storage systems. The MYTower needs barely one square meter of floor space to store up to 740 reels, and it can be integrated into existing material handling systems.

No more mix-ups with accurate component tracking

Regardless of whether you need a single reel or tray, or need to automatically process a complete kitting list, this material handling solution records every movement. It keeps track of all stored reels and component quantities automatically. A unique identification code ensures that the right component is always provided to the pick-and-place machine, or stored, making mix-ups virtually impossible. Return-to-storage is just as quick and convenient.


MYTower brochure


MYTower specification brochure



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