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I70X conformal coating inspection

I70X conformal coating inspection

  • Self-contained Self-contained system with less maintenance
  • Static optic Only the mirror and the light sources are in motion causing almost no mechanical wear
  • Performance Maximum performance via high-performance controller technology

I70X - Conformal coating inspection CCAOI with UV light

Conformal coating plays a key role as electronics continually become embedded into an endless variety of products. Mycronic offers  fast, reliable inspection solution using the combination of multi-color LED lighting, UV-LED light and color line scan camera.

The MYSmart series I70X conformal coating inspection ensures rapid and complete examination using the combination of multi-color LED lighting, UV-LED light and color line scan camera enables a unique coating inspection. A coating plan can be imported to create an inspection program to determine the coverage and non-coverage areas. The automated inspection typically takes only a few seconds with inspection results immediately displayed. These results can be stored and reviewed off-line at any time.

Advanced inspection

Advanced high-power UV lighting and powerful image processing techniques integrate multiple techniques, including algorithms for coverage detection, color detection, to provide complete detection coverage and low false alarm rates. Optional available is also layer thickness measurement.

Line integration and cycle time

Detection setup is fast and intuitive, typically taking less than 30 minutes and requiring a coating plan for programming

  • The time of automatic detection is < 25s, depending on the resolution of the scan
  • Test results are displayed immediately and test reports can also be generated
  • Simultaneous inspection of printed circuit boards top and bottom side
  • Barcode can be read and connected to MES system for easy product traceability

I70X Barcode or Data Matrix Code reading

Barcode or data matrix code reading


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