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For Mycronic, founded on passion, collaboration, and outside-the-box thinking, a diverse workforce is one of the greatest assets. A diverse and inclusive workplace, where everyone feels valued and can bring their own uniqueness to work every day, helps us to stay competitive now and in the future.

Inclusion and diversity 

Mycronic has operations in 13 countries and many different nationalities are represented in our workforce. Embracing that diversity, and cultivating an inclusive and collaborative culture is key for creating a thriving workplace and for driving innovation and growth. 

One key aspect of diversity is gender equality. Close to 20 percent of Mycronic employees are women. This is not enough and we have a clear ambition to increase the share of women in the workforce as well as among managers. Activities are conducted to attract more women to Mycronic and to inspire and build a stronger sense of belonging among the women already working here.  

We also run different programs to promote diversity in a broader sense. For example, in Sweden we participate in Jobbsprånget, a program for newly arrived immigrants with academic degrees, to help them gain access to the labor market. Many of our sites also run targeted recruitment activities, like posting open positions on job boards geared specifically toward women or people with disabilities, or participating in dedicated job fairs for female engineers or veterans. 

Inspiring future engineers 

To succeed in the future, we need younger generations to choose careers in engineering. To promote engineering among youth, we engage in a variety of collaborations, such as the non-profit organization Hello World which promotes science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) for children regardless of their background.

In Sweden, we also take part in Tekniksprånget, through which we offer internships to high school graduates every year, of which at least half are young women, with the aim of inspiring them to pursue engineering studies. In the US, Mycronic partners with the Spark Alpha Pitch Program which introduces high school students to manufacturing and integrated photonics through a competition in which entrants solve real-world problems. 

Similarly, one of our sites in China holds a competition for students in industrial computing. At least one-third of participants must be women or from minority groups and the winner receives a college scholarship. 

Working at Mycronic 

How it is to work at Mycronic