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MRSI-S-HVM Wafer 12 inch


MRSI values our customers, and our top priority is meeting our customers needs down to the finest detail. We are proud that all of our products are industry-leading, with superior flexibility, ultra-high-accuracy, and multiple process options. Our product’s value is further illustrated by our 40+ years of experience in the industry in tandem with our 24/7 reliable field operations.

Ultra high precision die bonding solutions

Ultra high precision die bonding solutions

The MRSI-S-HVM submicron die bonder is designed for integrated photonics volume manufacturing applications, semiconductor wafer level packaging, multi-chips, and multi-process production in one machine.

MRSI-HVM Gantry mounted pick and place head with integrated tool changer

High speed die bonding solutions

The MRSI-HVM and MRSI-H die bonders provide industry leading high-speed for high-volume manufacturing.

3 and 5 micron accuracy MRSI-M3 and MRSI-705

High flexibility die bonding solutions

The ultra flexible MRSI-705 and MRSI-M3 die bonders can be used for research and development prototyping to low/medium volume.

MRSI-175Ag is a servo-controlled X, Y, and Z dispensing platform

High precision dispensing solutions

The MRSI-175Ag epoxy dispenser handles the most demanding dispensing applications such as microwave modules, optical modules, hybrid circuits, multichip modules, and semiconductor packaging.


Active alignment solutions

MRSI-A-L is a modular–design machine, with integrated pick and place, dispense, vision, alignment functions, as well as intelligent software that offers users flexible processes.