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Why do customers come to MRSI to solve their problems? Why do manufacturers of advanced packaging perceive that MRSI can optimize the performance of their process including yield, throughput and uptime? Customers like BAE, GE Medical, Finisar, Amphenol, Fabrinet, AOI, TESAT, O-Net Technologies, Sanmina, Lockheed, and DRS have all turned to MRSI for ultra-precision die bonding solutions, for over 40 years.

Our customer playbook is executed around 14 core values, which gives insight into why customers choose us:

Customer Focus

  1. Accuracy & Reliability – Our robust systems will deliver consistent accuracy and reliability at the throughput required by our customers.
  2. Customer Centric – Focus on the needs of our customers and improve performance by actively seeking their input, their “Voice”
  3. Configured systems – We will diagnose your requirements to deliver the most appropriately configured system
  4. Ease of Use – Every system will be predictably easy to use
  5. Competitively Priced – We will offer the best value in terms of functionality, performance and return on investment in the industry.
  6. Maintain a global perspective

Working Smart

  1. Improve what matters by effective time management
  2. Embrace a change in direction when required – Drive continuous improvement
  3. Avoid doing things the same old way – explore innovative approaches
  4. Work efficiently


Acting Like an Owner

  1. Focus on generating value for our customers and therefore our business
  2. Be accountable for our actions and inactions
  3. Empower and reward our people for taking on new initiatives and ways to solve problems
  4. Continuously learn by reviewing both accomplishments and failures