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Die bonding solutions

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Interim report January-March 2023

Interim report January-March 2023

Order intake increased 12 percent to SEK 1,617 (1,441) million during the first quarter of the year, driven by a strong performance in Pattern Generators.

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Meet our MRSI Die bonding products

MRSI-H1 Family, 1-Micron Die bonders
MRSI-H1 Family


Our solutions help our customers to enable high throughput production, just-in-time supply, and fast-pace innovations of critical photonic components for high growth market segments such as hyper-scale data centers, 5G wireless, LiDAR, VR/AR. Product configurations address specific application needs such as high-power laser diodes and multi-die TO products such as WDM & EML-TOs, Optical transceivers, LiDAR, VR/AR, sensors, silicon photonics, co-packaging optics, 3-D hybrid packaging, and optical imaging products.

High speed solutions with our MRSI-HVM family & MRSI-H family
MRSI-HVM & MRSI-H family

High speed solutions

Our MRSI-HVM Family is the best-in-class die bonder, offering leading speed, zero-time tool change, and <1.5 micron accuracy. The superior performance is enabled by dual heads, dual stages, an integrated “on-the-fly” tool changer, ultrafast eutectic stages, and multiple levels of parallel processing optimizations. Our MRSI-H Family provides proven superior flexibility for true multi-die, multi-process, multi-product high-volume high-mix production with <1.5 micron accuracy.

MRSI-705 5-Micron


Our solutions remain the standard in the industry delivering 3 and 5 micron accuracy across a complete range of applications. These system delivers an unmatched combination of accuracy, automation, speed and reliability with in-situ assembly processes such as eutectic die bonding, UV epoxy die attach and flip chip assembly (all configurable options). Both systems have been delivering consistent results in the field over decades.

175Ag Epoxy Dispenser

Epoxy dispenser

The MRSI-175Ag Epoxy Dispenser handles the most demanding dispensing applications such as microwave modules, optical modules, hybrid circuits, multi-chip modules, and semiconductor packaging. With the ability to operate two heads in tandem, the MRSI-175Ag provides unparalleled process control and comprehensive dispensing capability. Die attach, underfill, encapsulation and multi-pin stamping are all supported on this flexible dispensing platform.

Automated processes help clients grow, VPT Components and MRSI Systems jointly address manufacturing challenges.

Automated processes help clients grow

VPT Components is one of the largest providers of JAN certified semiconductors along with a full-service facility for the independent, unbiased testing and custom assembly of electronic components. Do you want to know how VPT Components and MRSI Systems jointly address manufacturing challenges?