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The Nomination committee represents the shareholders and consists of four members.

Its task, ahead of the AGM, is to produce proposals regarding election of the chair of the meeting; decisions on the number of Board members; election of and decisions on fees to Board members, the Chairman of the Board and auditor; election of and decisions on fees to members pertaining to other special committees or councils that the AGM may resolve on appointing; and proposals for principles on appointing a Nomination committee for resolution by the AGM.

In accordance with the resolution by the AGM, the Nomination committee consists of four persons: representatives from the three largest known owners as of August 31 and the Chairman of the Board. The composition of the Nomination committee is published at the latest six months prior to the AGM. The Nomination committee’s proposals are presented in the Notice of the AGM and on Mycronic’s website.

The annual evaluation of the Board’s work is presented to the Nomination committee and is the basis for its work in proposing Board members. The Nomination committee bases its work on the requirements of the Swedish Companies Act and the Code, as well as company-specific requirements. In its work, the Nomination Committee applies section 4.1 of the Code as the diversity policy. The intention is to have an appropriate Board composition, which shall be characterized by versatility and breadth including age, gender, education, background and experience. Additional information is available in the Nomination committee’s reasoned statement regarding its proposal to the 2023 AGM.

The Nomination committee for the 2023 annual general meeting consists of: 

  • Henrik Blomquist (Bure Equity)
  • Patrik Jönsson (SEB Funds)
  • Thomas Ehlin (Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund)
  • Patrik Tigerschiöld (Chairman of the Board).



Recommendations to the Nomination committee

Shareholders who would like to make recommendations to the Nomination committee should do so in writing to:

Mycronic AB
Nomination committee
Ann Borgström
Box 3141
183 03 Täby