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We believe that our responsibilities as an electronics manufacturer extend beyond our own operations.

As a global supplier of production equipment to the electronics industry, Mycronic strives to act responsibly throughout its value chain. We believe that our responsibilities extend beyond our own operations. They include indirect impacts that we create through business relationships with suppliers, distributors, and customers.

Mycronic’s impact and sustainability risks vary throughout the value chain. We have the greatest scope to exert influence in product development, manufacturing, and sales. We do this, for example, by investing in sustainable innovation, promoting diversity and equality, and by creating stable business relationships built on clearly stated values and transparency.


Our impacts throughout our value chain


Product development

Through innovation, we meet market demand for increasingly efficient – and at the same time more sustainable – electronics manufacturing processes. We recruit and retain talent and promote our innovative capacity by being an attractive employer that promotes innovation, diversity, and equality.

Sourcing of raw materials and components

Through stable relationships, clear requirements, and controls, we can contribute to improvements in working conditions, reinforce human rights and reduce environmental impact in the supply chain.


We focus on energy efficiency and safety to ensure sustainable manufacturing. Healthy, happy employees make us more efficient. By promoting diversity we increase opportunities to find the right skills and promote local development.


By optimizing our transports of products, we reduce our environmental impact and meet customer demand for secure and sustainable deliveries.


Through clearly stated values and efficient procedures to ensure regulatory and ethical compliance, we create stable business relationships and increase transparency and control in sales processes.

Product use

By creating product solutions that help our customers reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes, we promote a more sustainable electronics industry and future-proof our business.

End-of-life treatment

By using fewer materials that are also more sustainable, and by facilitating dismantling, we simplify recycling for the customer. Through increased focus on maintenance and upgrades to extend the useful life of our equipment, we contribute to greater circularity in the electronics industry.