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The crucial component in today’s high-quality displays is their set of photomasks, which must match each other accurately. Overlay and registration show up on the nanometer scale, a scale so small that close to one hundred thousand points can be identified on the width of a human hair!

To verify this level of accuracy and demonstrate compliance with your customer’s specs, you need a measurement system with unprecedented reliability and accuracy.

  • Proving to the customer that your photomasks comply with their registration specifications.
  • Assuring consistency between laser mask writers.
  • Matching replacement orders to the original mask set.


The Prexision MMS Evo is offered with two models, which are G8 model and G10 model, enable to measure mask registration for up to Generation 11 glass size.

By maintaining a consistent and common reference for all your laser mask writers, the Prexision MMS Evo enables efficient production planning that keeps delivery times short.

Our promise

With the Prexision MMS Evo, you can take photomask measurement to a whole new level, demonstrate compliance with specs, and utilize the full potential of your laser mask writers.