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Think of the most high-tech electronics products you can imagine. Then think one step further. What technology creates the most advanced high-tech of today? Ours do.

With unique and world-leading production solutions, we spearhead the electronics industry. And since we are passionate about technology, we invest heavily in our R&D. As we drive innovation in close connection with the major companies in the electronics industry, we continue to make the impossible possible. 


Job openings at Mycronic

Job openings

We believe in strength through diversity. For a company founded on passion, collaboration, and outside-the-box thinking, there is no greater asset than a diverse workforce.

Why work at Mycronic?

Why Mycronic?

We are the very definition of a global company. But that doesn’t mean we are content to sit still.

Who we are

Who we are

What we do impacts the future of technology, and in turn, the way we live our lives tomorrow.

Student opportunities

Student and early careers

There are different ways for us to cooperate if you are a student or in the beginning of something new in your work life.