K series 3D AOI

Automated optical

K series 3D AOI

Automated optical

K series 3D AOI

Automated optical

Advanced inspection that

stops defects at their source

Ensure comprehensive test coverage. Minimize false calls. And drill down into powerful image library tools with advanced algorithmic assistance. With the K series 3D automated optical inspection system, there’s virtually nowhere for defects to hide. Its high-precision metrology system eliminates shadows, image cropping and warpage effects, giving you reliable data and high-resolution 3D visualization for even the most complex product geometries.

Key benefits

    3D AOI
    test coverage
    optical metrology

One step closer to the perfect circuit board

In the journey towards the perfect printed circuit board, everything starts with quality inspection data. Our K series systems give you comprehensive component body and solder joint test coverage by combining 2D texture with proprietary shadow-free 3D inspection. This means you can detect and prevent defects such as misplaced components, lifted leads, tombstones and more with a scalable solution for both pre-reflow and post-reflow inspection.

Continuous improvement with low false calls rate

Paired with the industry-certified Library Pro defect image bank, the K series ensures easy programming and requires minimal fine-tuning to reach outstanding performance levels. Whatever process or material you use, you can significantly reduce false calls and escape rates — with uptime levels above 99.5%. This combination of intelligent software and unmatched production stability allows for continuous product improvement in the most demanding production environments.

Fully integrated process control

Of course, even the best inspection data demands smart information management. This is where our industry-leading MYPro Link software suite comes in. It gives you a unified source for solder paste inspection (SPI) and automated optical inspection (AOI) data so you can view your process in real time, quickly drill down to the defect image and take immediate corrective action. As a result, you spend less time correlating databases and more time getting to the root cause of every defect. It’s all part of our effort to help boost your yield, quality and repeatability with every job — and bring you one step closer to perfection.


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