MYPro I™ series 3D AOI

Automated Optical
Inspection (AOI)

MYPro I™ series 3D AOI

Automated Optical
Inspection (AOI)

MYPro I™ series 3D AOI

Automated Optical
Inspection (AOI)

High-mix inspection

is about to get simpler

Regardless of the volume of your production batches, and regardless of the frequency of your production changes, you are entitled to demand the most efficient AOI technology. The new I series 3D AOI meets your requirements by offering one of the most powerful AOI systems on the market now powered by AI-assisted software for faster and more user-friendly operation. 

Key benefits

    Intuitive interface for efficient programming
  • AI
    Intelligence for fast and reliable programming
    self-monitoring performance optimization system

Thanks to advanced software guidance and automated escape and false calls tracking features, the new I series 3D AOI ensures optimal programming efficiency and continuous quality improvements for operators of all experience levels. 

“The goal in developing the MYPro I series was to bring one of the most powerful 3D AOI technologies on the market within the reach of high-mix EMSs, that need to handle large numbers of NPIs with short production runs. As a result, programming and fine tuning must be as simple and fast as possible, so user-friendliness and performance have been the focus of our technological innovations.”

- Jesse Dowd, VP of Global Sales - Assembly Solutions High Flex

MYWizard interface for 30% faster programming 

The new MYWizard user interface, developed specifically for the MYPro I series, integrates two artificial intelligence systems – Auto Match-Maker, an advanced image recognition algorithm that identifies component’s characteristics, and a new machine learning algorithm that automatically locate board’ fiducials and component’s polarity, in order to guide operators more rapidly through the programming phase. The result is an up to thirty percent reduction of programming time, compared with previous generations, with less operator experience and training required. 

This screenshot shows that Escape Tracker has identified three potential false call cases in production. Before finalizing this inspection program, the operator follows the guidance provided by Escape Tracker to remove all potential false call cases for optimal inspection performance.  

Escape Tracker for automated performance optimization 

The I series’ new self-monitoring system, Escape Tracker, serves as a real-time performance optimizer for the system’s inspection library. Its efficient pattern-recognition algorithm simplifies fine-tuning to virtually eliminate false calls and escapes, regardless of production conditions or programmer skill levels. By automating this critical self-monitoring function, program fine-tuning is made much simpler, faster and more efficient with less need for operator intervention.  

“The new I series brings together industry-leading performance and production stability with a highly intuitive user-centric architecture and advanced software automation. This not only benefits our traditional high-reliability, mid- to high-volume customers. It also puts the possibility of advanced 3D inspection into the hands of many more manufacturers, no matter how little experience, or how many changeovers a day, they might have.” 

- Clemens Jargon, Sr VP - Assembly Solutions High Flex 


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