PI series 3D SPI

Solder paste
inspection machine

PI series 3D SPI

Solder paste
inspection machine

PI series 3D SPI

Solder paste
inspection machine

Accurate solder paste inspection

with unprecedented simplicity

Measure paste volume with unmatched accuracy. Improve your process and tolerance settings with meaningful automatic pad grouping. And monitor your process in real time, both online and offline. The PI series overcomes the limitations of traditional SPI, using a patented Z-referencing technology to deliver extremely precise paste volume measurement on even the smallest pads. The result is unambiguous information, combined with a range of smart auto-programming functions that ensure high-quality inspection within line takt time – regardless of operator experience.

Key benefits

    Z-referencing technology
    process results

Clear and simple inspection control

Clarity and simplicity are words rarely associated with the complex process of solder paste inspection (SPI). But the PI series changes this. Thanks to an intuitive touchscreen interface, it can easily be set up and run by anyone with just an hour of training. Calibration requires only the touch of a button. The machine programs itself after a single bare board scan. And performance remains consistent across SMT lines — with no fine tuning.

Measure paste volume with unmatched accuracy

Z-referencing is the key to accurate solder paste inspection. This is why, rather than referencing just a small cropped area around the pads, the PI series captures hundreds of references across the ultra-large 3D field of view. As a result, you always know the exact volume of paste deposited on even the smallest pads. Regardless of board warpage, your measurements remain accurate in all types of real production environments

Take control over the print process

To further enhance your process control, the PI series utilizes automatic pad grouping by area aperture ratio (AAR). This allows you to continuously improve your process and set tolerances independent of products. It also provides extra-large 3D review images for easy diagnostics. Whether you’re using the built-in closed-loop function to improve yields or monitoring your process in real-time with MYPro Live, the PI series gives you total control over the print process to ensure better products and higher yields with every batch. To keep track of your performance over time, MYPro Analyze helps you report and monitor your progress, generating useful insights and trend analyses.


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