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boost your productivity

Key benefits

  • High uptime of your equipment by support from a global service organization
  • Improved utilization enabled by efficient trainings to raise the knowledge level of all users
  • Real productivity as an result of our services to help improve your process

Global reach

Our service network spans the globe. There are Mycronic service engineers present in more than 50 countries who are specially trained and certified. All Mycronic service engineers are trained at our global training centers and via online e-learning. Certification and regular re-certification are mandatory, so we can assure you high quality support. As important as our strong local support, our global 24/7 support operates out of three Process/Application Centers in Europe, North America and Asia. These centers are staffed by our most experienced service personnel.

Service levels


MYCare for profitable production

We adapt to your needs. To enhance your business, we offer personalized levels of service and support in three distinctive areas:

Your equipment needs to be maintained and supported by the best to maximize uptime and production volumes. You're in good hands with Mycronic, with an organization that collectively has more than 550 years of experience in field service.

Knowledge is the key to maximizing utilization. With accurate knowledge for all steps in the production flow, you can ensure that you get the best out of every step in the process. We can provide timetabled training at a training center, customized on-site training, and even training remotely through the MYRemote Training Service to help make you as efficient as possible.

A finely tuned process that supports a good work flow is crucial for achieving high productivity. We can help you identify your bottlenecks and how to resolve them. With our MYOptimization service, we carry out on-site audits to see your entire production process and report back our findings to you. And we don't just leave it at that. We aim to be your partner in the development of your processes.

Our services can be performed at our premises, onsite or remotely.


MYCare Service Level Agreements

It all begins with MYCare Start, which is free of charge for the first year after installation to give you a head start with full support. From year 2, you can choose from four different service levels (MYCare 1 to MYCare 4) depending on your production and requirements. With a full range of options, you can even tailor MYCare to suit all your needs.

Our promise

To maximize the value we add to our customers, we provide:

Performance-Based Preventive Maintenance
By replacing parts based on data, you get more efficient part usage. This kind of maintenance can identify problems before they arise and thus reduce unscheduled downtime.

Engineering expertise – straight from the source
Our continuous investment in training, Best Practice and a global service network ensures that you get fast troubleshooting.

Continuous improvements
We give you more than maintenance and problem-solving. You get the full circle of improvements through follow-up and further improvements based on activity results.

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