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21 DEC 2020, 11:53

If you’re like most manufacturers, repetitive material handling tasks can consume entirely too much valuable staff time. The new dual-terminal MYTower gives you twice the possibilities for loading and unloading of components and reels by offering flexible access for any combination of people and machines.

A more rewarding day´s work is now possible for your assembly staff. With dual terminals in a single MYTower, you can better optimize your floor layout while giving operators simultaneous access to the components they need. Assisted by collaborative robots, operators can focus on the tasks that demand their attention, while a robotic arm simultaneously handles otherwise manually intensive movements from the same component storage system. With either approach, the result is often a more flexible factory layout that delivers improved efficiency, assembly quality, and staff satisfaction.

The best of both worlds

Whether you’re looking to automate inventory stocking, unloading to carts and labeling machines, or simply to reduce unnecessary waiting times, the dual-terminal MYTower opens up a range of new possibilities. On one side, staff can access reels and components unimpeded by their robotic assistants. On the other, the robotic arm can proceed uninterrupted by operators to allow seamless integration with surrounding automated systems.

Together, the two terminals empower your factory to bring out the best in both your people and your robots, allowing you to develop the floor layouts, workflows, and automation strategies best suited to your operations. Where space is tight, one MYTower line can support dual access to storage for multiple pick-and-place lines. In another setup, key process steps such as automated labeling may be a priority, in which case robotic solutions can bridge the gap through one terminal as operators move freely on the other.

Intelligent upgrades

To enable multiple operations simultaneously, the new dual-terminal MYTower is equipped with quad-core processing technology and high-speed data interfaces. Another new interface makes it simple to integrate with modern factory safety systems, ensuring that operators remain safe from potential collisions with robotic arms and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Collaborating better together

Whatever strategy you pursue, the dual-terminal MYTower can help reduce the labor hours required to manage your flow of components and PCBs to and from the SMT lines. It can also eliminate bottlenecks through constant loading and unloading of reels, ensuring that your material is always ready and kitted precisely when you need it.

As new robotic systems arise, the smarter material flows enabled by the dual-terminal MYTower will continue to deliver higher-value work, lower operational costs, and a flexible path forward for enhanced human-machine collaboration.