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February 6 - February 8
Farnborough International Exhibition, J100
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Southern Manufacturing

The MYPro MY300 set the benchmark for productivity in high-mix PCB assembly. Now its successor, the MYPro A40, is raising the bar even further with 48% faster placement speeds and an ability to mount six times larger components with the MX7 high-speed mounthead. All so you can master any product mix. And pump up production volumes to levels never seen before.

Turn up the volume  

As Mycronic customers continue to grow, so do their demands. Whether it’s handling bulkier, odd-shaped components, scaling up to serial production or eliminating all possible machine calibration and maintenance, the obstacles often boil down to the age-old tradeoff between speed and flexibility. Now, with the all-new MYPro A40 pick-and-place, high flexibility and high-speed assembly have come together at last.  

About the exhibition  

Southern Manufacturing 2024 will take place from February 6-8, in Farnborough International Exhibition Centre, UK. The show brings together the latest developments in production hardware, components, consumables and technology and is aimed at anyone involved in design, engineering, production and procurement across different industries such as Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Electronics Assembly, Production, Industrial Machinery, Packaging, Handling, Logistics, Energy, Marine, Medical, PharmaBio, Mechanical Engineering and Metal Processing. 

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