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January 1, 01:24 - 01:24
PCB Assembly

Factory automation: the challenge of connecting your assembly line(s)

The goal of a smart factory or Industry 4.0 project is to improve efficiency, quality and productivity, and to better monitor risks and solve issues by using advanced analytics, software integration, and automation.

The first stage of such projects is to interconnect means of production with process control systems and/or business management systems such as MES and ERP. But how to deploy such connectivity efficiently and reliably at your factory level? The diversity of the equipment to be connected, networking constraints, cybersecurity, or the scalability and sustainability of the solution are subjects to consider. 

In this webinar, you will get an overview of the IPC-CFX and Hermes protocols that are being adopted by the electronics manufacturing industry and understand the pros and cons of each. And discover MYPro Connect, our plug-and-play software solution to connect your Mycronic MYPro equipment to your MES or ERP seamlessly and cost-effectively, using the IPC-CFX protocol. 

Why should you attend? 

In this webinar you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Learn about important aspects of factory connectivity to consider 
  • Get an overview of the Hermes and IPC-CFX protocols and their differences 
  • Understand the benefits of a MYPro Connect connectivity solution 
  • Exchange directly with our Mycronic expert 


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